How To Make Ribbon Bows – Step By Step

Having a bow on a gift always makes it so beautiful, and adds a certain level of class to it. If however, you have been buying your bows, you don’t have to anymore. We will give you a step by step guide on how you can make your own bows, and give them out all year round, not just during the holidays.

Once you have mastered the art of bow making, even your simple letters can be delivered with a little bow, your baby’s school bag can have a bow, and your flower pots can be decorated with bows.

Now, making elegant and full bows is pretty simple You will be surprised that you probably already have everything you need in the house. The stuff that was leftover during the holidays will come in real handy right now, as you learn the process.

How To Make Ribbon Bows - Step By Step
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Step 1 – Cutting The Ribbon

Cut a piece of ribbon about 15 inches in length. This will make a medium-sized bow. You should be careful enough, not to twist the ribbon. Fold it continuously back and forth over itself to form two loops, one at the bottom center, and another at the top. If it helps, think about bunny ears when trying to tie shoelaces.

Step 2 – Creating The Loops

The right loop should be crossed over the left one, and then create a third smaller loop where they meet at the base. Ensure that the tails are of equal lengths and that they are flat. This will help when you are trimming the bow.

Step 3 – Folding The Loops

Fold in what is left of the left loop, down behind the other loop on the right. Then, pass it through the bottom loop.

Step 4 – Trimming The Bow

Pull the loops at the top tightly to make a knot in the center. Trim the tails if you do not want any, and then notch the ends. Tug gently on the loops so the bow will be on all sides. Finesse your bow into the shape and size you want.

If it doesn’t look perfect, it’s still okay. You can always pull it apart and start all over again. Once you’ve mastered this classic bow, you can make many more versions of bows as you like.

Shaping The Tails

If you love tails, we’ll show you how to do them. Tails are usually a distinctive part of the bow, and not although not all bow designs come with tails, those that do usually appear sharp and neat.

You can make the tails as long as you want because you can always cut them shorter if they are not as desired.

Decide what the bow’s purpose is. Choosing how you want to use the bow will tell you how you are going to make the tail. It will also help you choose the color and texture. For example, if the tail is part of accessorizing a dress, then a long matching tail may be the best option.

Cutting Additional Ribbon

Measure the length of the ribbon you want to use and cut it clearly. Ensure that it isn’t longer than where you are using it, so it doesn’t look unprofessional. You could actually choose a tail that is a different color than the bow as well.

Ensure, however, that it is of similar quality as the bow, so you don’t end up with a worn-out tail and a bow that is still intact. This would look very tacky.


You can try and experiment with different tails on different bows so you can find the best one that suits your bow. Always ensure that you do not use too much tail so it doesn’t overwhelm the bow.

Finally, once you have all the material you need, and the tail color chosen, you can attach the tail to the bow using a needle and thread. If the materials cannot be sewn, you can use glue to stick them together.

How To Make Ribbon Bows - Step By Step


Ribbon bows are the best as they are usually available in different colors, and you can really experiment with what you want. For at-home do-it-yourself projects, you are free to go as crazy as you want. As noted above, you can even do this for your dresses.