How to Earn Coins on Subway Surfers

Are you looking for a fun game to play on your phone, tablet, or desktop? Subway Surfer is a prominent game designed to challenge your mind as you escape different traps. It is a fun action running game with different characters and obstacles.

The mission is to win the game by avoiding the obstacles and collecting as many coins as possible. You are in control of the game since you can slide, jump, hover, or doge. After understanding what the game entails, it will be more fun.

The coins earned in the Subway Surfers game are essential to help you purchase different items, such as a magnet to attract more coins. These coins make the game more fun since they are positioned in a separate area with obstacles, and you have to retrieve as many as possible. If you want to up your game profieciency by learning how to earn more coins, read on.

How to Earn Coins on Subway Surfers
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Game Overview

The game involves you helping Jake run away from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. You’ll perform best when dashing as fast as you can or dodging when you see the incoming trains. There are coins on the subway, which will help you unlock different gears to help you escape various obstacles.

The game starts when you tap the touchscreen where Jake or any other new game character sprays graffiti on a train, only to be caught by an inspector and his dog. They start chasing the runner, and here is where the fun begins, as you help your character escape the Inspector and his dog and avoid being hit by the train.

As you continue collecting the coins, they will help you unlock new players with advanced skills. In case your character is caught or is crushed by a train, you will have to start all over. The more you gain speed, the higher the points acquired in the Subway Surfers game.

The obstacles in this game include moving trains, poles, tunnel walls, and other barriers. When the character crashes, you can continue playing using keys. You will collect items such as jetpacks, magnets, coins, super sneakers, mystery boxes, and keys. Each item enhances the character’s skills.

Features of the Game

It has colorful and vivid HD graphics, allowing you to play without any hinges. There is fresh music in the background, making this game more fascinating. You will also enjoy the lightning-fast swipe and acrobatics, as well as the hoverboard surfing.

There are different rewards in this game, such as the jetpacks, super sneakers, and coin magnets. These items help enhance the player’s skills, allowing you to explore the subway surfers area. You can also use the keys to continue playing the game even after crashing the character.

To get this game, go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download it on your phone. Once installed, you will start enjoying the game. 

What Are the Coins for in Subway Surfers?

Coins are the main currency in subway Surfers – obtained in different ways. There are a million coins in one run, and they will help you buy the mystery box, powers, upgrade the character power-ups, or buy new characters and hoverboards.

Earned coins can also help you skip missions in the shop. They make the game fun since you know by the end of the run you will have a reward. You can buy other characters, too, such as Price K, Zoe, or King. There is a limited number of coins for purchasing a different item.

It will help you if you have more coins to buy new players or hoverboards, such as the Hot Rod or Panda. However, other characters are purchased with tokens, and not coins.

How to Earn Coins on Subway Surfers
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How to Get Subway Surfers Game Coins

You can easily collect the coins during the gameplay, which is the easiest way. After purchasing or collecting the mystery box, it may contain up to 100,000 coins and, at times, 900,000 during the mega jackpot.

You can purchase these coins in a shop, and up to 1.2 M coins are worth $99.99. After completing the third and fourth days of the word hunt, you will receive coins as a token of appreciation. Connecting to Facebook earns you 5K coins, and you can also purchase the welcome pack with up to 45k coins.

Bottom Line

The Subway Surfers running game is a fun game when you know the loops. Besides the colorful background, this game provides you with coins, which help you unlock different characters, a mystery box, and other running gear. Enjoy!