How to Create a Safe Nursery for a Baby

Welcoming a newborn baby at home requires preparation, as the environment must be safe and gentle for their vulnerable bodies. Part of the process is building a safe nursery, which includes all the necessary furniture for the baby’s wellbeing. 

Aside from the crib, there are many factors to consider when putting up the nursery. The room should be away from noise, it should have ample sunlight, and most importantly, it should be free of smoke and airborne contaminants. 

Here are some tips on how to create a safe nursery for newborns and infants. If not strapped for cash, parents can invest in high-quality materials and furniture to ensure the safety of their babies. Read on to learn more.

How to Create a Safe Nursery for a Baby

Importance of Having a Nursery

Some people opt for building a nursery at home to have a separate space for changing diapers, storing baby stuff, and a designated spot for feeding and sleeping. Co-sleeping is rather popular, but some couples prefer to have a nursery to organize all the baby things in one space. 

Safety is another reason why most parents build a nursery. In the master bedroom, there can be a lot of germs and bacteria from common items and furniture. 

The body products used by parents, including perfume, can be bad for the newborn, so it’s recommended to keep them in a safe space. Privacy is also another concern, which allows most parents to designate a baby room at home. 

If you have a spare room and a baby’s coming, don’t hesitate to build a nursery for their benefit and yours too. By putting up one, babies can be an independent sleeper, needing no help to get back to sleep. 

How to Make a Safe Nursery

Setting up the nursery isn’t hard, as long as you use baby-safe materials and furniture. Keep in mind that the baby eventually grows, so some pieces needed to go in a few years. 

Invest in a Sturdy Crib

The most essential piece in the nursery is the crib, where the baby sleeps. Parents should invest in high-quality material to keep the baby safe while resting, playing, and lying flat on the surface. 

Most people think it’s not a worthy expense, but it is. Modern cribs can be transformed into a play den, where infants can play. If you’re also planning to have more children, having a sturdy and convertible crib lets you save more along the way. 

Avoid Overhanging and Choking Hazards

While some parents want to make the baby room stylish and cool, there are pieces that must be avoided at all costs. Small choking hazards are definitely out, especially those hanging pieces, like small balls, loose parts, and pins. 

It’s also not safe to hang picture frames and other decor near the crib, where a child can grab and reach. This is the main ingredient for disaster, so be careful. 

Keep the Air Circulating

To prevent suffocation brought by the presence of toxic chemicals, like talcum-containing powder, the nursery’s air should be circulating. Having a window in the room is important to remove dust, and let the fresh air in. 

Install Smoke Alarms

How to Create a Safe Nursery for a Baby

More than any other parts of the house, the nursery should have a smoke alarm. Make sure to buy lithium batteries for long-lasting performance. Standard testing must be done every six to seven months, to see if the alarms are working properly. 


Having a safe nursery is important to keep the baby healthy and secure. Follow the tips mentioned above to prevent injuries and accidents caused by toxic chemicals or other hazards.