Find Out How to Apply for Divorce Online – Free

Going through a divorce is an extremely tough time for all couples. Additionally, the high costs and complicated process of getting a divorce finalized can make the situation much more painful than it has to be. 

However, there are a few ways in which you can save some cash during your divorce process. 

In this article, we will be discussing how you can apply for a divorce online for free. 

Find Out How to Apply for Divorce Online - Free

Do I Qualify For Online Divorce?

Although there are plenty of online divorce companies out there, most of them will only accept your application if you meet a series of requirements. These requirements include the following.

  • Your divorce must be uncontested
  • Your divorce must not be complicated
  • You must not have any substantial assets to divide
  • There must be no disputes regarding children
  • You must be prepared to do all of the admin work yourself

If you are unsure whether you qualify for an online divorce, you should visit the company website to find an information form. In this form, you will have to fill out important details regarding your divorce – this will then assist the company in deciding whether they can help you or not. 

Steps To Follow When Getting A Divorce Through An Online Company

Filing for a divorce through an online company is much less complicated than any other method. You will simply need to follow the three steps listed below.

Complete Application Form

If you meet all of the necessary requirements for an online divorce, you will be given an application form. It is recommended that you take as much time as you need when filling this out, as you do not want to make any mistakes. 

Draft Your Divorce Pack

Once you have completed and submitted the divorce application form, the online company will begin drafting your divorce pack. If you would like any changes made to your application form, this is the only time that you will be able to do it. 

Receive Draft Documents

Finally, after your divorce application has been processed and your divorce pack has been drafted, you will receive all of the necessary documents. Most online companies should get this done within about a week, but it is dependent on the company through which you work. 

What To Do After Receiving My Divorce Documents?

Unfortunately, your divorce will not be finalized after receiving the documents from the online company. These documents will first need to be presented to a court or a lawyer in order to complete the divorce process. 

If you would like to find out more about what you should do after receiving your divorce pack, visit the self-help divorce website

How Much Will This Cost Me?

You can complete the divorce requirements and application form for absolutely no fee at all. This will save you plenty of money, as most physical companies will charge you a large fee just to apply for divorce. 

However, once your application form has been submitted, the online company will give you a quote. This fee will cover the labor required to process your documents and the divorce pack that you will receive. Unlike physical companies, the price of these documents is very reasonable, meaning that you will save even more money. 

Benefits Of Applying For Divorce Online

There are plenty of benefits that come with applying for divorce through an online company.

  • The online company takes much less time to process your documents
  • You will not have to spend a fortune on your divorce pack
  • The divorce can be completed in your own time
  • The process of applying for divorce online is very quick and simple
Find Out How to Apply for Divorce Online - Free


You will be able to complete a requirements form in order to determine whether or not you qualify for online divorce. 

When applying for an online divorce, you will need to start by filling out an application form. The company will then draft your divorce pack – you should receive your documents within about a week of submitting your application.

Once you receive your documents, you will need to hand them over to the court or to a lawyer in order to finalize your divorce. This entire process will cost you much less than if you were to do it through a physical divorce company