Home Pregnancy Test – How To Do

If you have missed your period and have tender breasts, you are probably suspecting that you are pregnant. This revelation can either be exciting or scary. A pregnancy test can help tell you for sure whether you are pregnant or not, but sometimes it’s easy to do a pregnancy test and get the wrong results. You must, therefore, follow the steps we will outline below to get the correct result on the test.

A pregnancy test is the first thing that most women do even before going to see a doctor. So, for this to be accurate you must first start by gathering all of your supplies such as the pregnancy test, a small disposable cup that you will use to pee into, and a timer for checking the time.

You should do this test in the morning. This is because the pregnancy hormone is usually highest in the morning. Plus, most people wake up to pee first thing, so you are assured of a good amount of pee. And it is advisable to have some chocolate standing by, so you can comfort yourself regardless of the pregnancy test results. Take care of all the supplies the night before so you can be up and ready in the morning.

Home Pregnancy Test - How To Do
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Which Dates Should You Do The Pregnancy Test?

The best time to take the pregnancy test is one day after your period is late. This means that; if you expect your period to come on Friday, and it doesn’t, then you should take the test on Saturday. This will give you the most accurate results. Of course, this decision must be as a result of some other symptoms you may have noticed before the missed period date such as nausea, an increased need to urinate, and most women tend to be extremely irritable.

Resist the need to take a pregnancy test too early. One sign that you are doing an early test is your inability to wait until the next morning. If you have been trying to conceive, and your period isn’t even late, then make sure that you are up-to-date with your fertility treatments. If you have just had a trigger shot, then it’s wise that you wait a little longer before taking the test, at least 10 days.

How To Take A Pregnancy Test

Read The Instructions First

This is probably the most important step. If you watch the show “Scrubs,” you will remember the episode where Carla and her husband Turk, had to do a pregnancy test. Since they had not checked the instructions first, they waited the normal 3 minutes for the results, which came back negative. Carla went back to work in a foul mood thinking she wasn’t pregnant, as they had been trying for some time, only for Turk to throw away the test a few minutes later and discover that it was actually positive! Now, to avoid such mistakes of a false negative or positive, read the instructions.

Here Are A Few Things You Need To Know

  • Does the test require you to pee on the stick directly, or in a cup and then dip the stick?
  • Does the test come with a cap so you can remove it from the stick?
  • Should you replace the cap after you have taken the test already?
  • How long should you dip the stick into the cup?
  • If the test has a cartridge test, where should you put in the urine drops?
  • How long should you wait before reading the results?
  • If it is delayed, after how long should the results become unusable?
  • How will you interpret the results and know that the test has worked?
  • How does it look when the test is positive? Is it one line? Or will it read not pregnant?
  • How does it look when it’s positive? Will there be a plus sign or the word pregnant, or just two lines?

Do The Test

Once you have understood the instructions, then go ahead and follow them to the letter as you do the test. Whichever peeing method the test needs must be done in the right way, so you can increase your chances of receiving the right results.

Set It Aside And Then Set Your Timer

As per the instructions, you must set the stick aside. If the test calls for 3 minutes, or 6 minutes or even 10 minutes, set your timer for that time so you can wait for the ding! And then view the results. Ensure you understand the interpretation results clearly so you can understand whether you are pregnant or not.

Home Pregnancy Test - How To Do
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Following the instructions is paramount to receiving the right results. You really do not need to do 50 pregnancy tests to confirm the results. If you follow the rules of the test, then you can be assured of the results with just one test.