Healthiest Foods To Eat After Childbirth

Your body needs to heal after childbirth and that is why it’s important to eat the healthiest food you can. It involves making the right choices when it comes to your diet, and trying to get rid of unhealthy foods such as junk food. 

There are very many reasons why you should eat healthy after childbirth, such as the fact that you are breastfeeding and your baby needs the right nutrients, and also because you may have added some weight during the pregnancy and you need to lose a couple of pounds.

But don’t overdo it just yet, especially if you are breastfeeding, as this causes most women to feel extreme hunger since the body uses plenty of energy producing the milk. You can give yourself at least 6 months before you start trying to lose the weight.

Healthiest Foods To Eat After Childbirth
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Healthy Food Ideas After Childbirth

Eat a wide variety of foods

You should try to at least eat a balanced diet that consists of vegetables, grains, proteins and plenty of fruits. This will give you energy during breastfeeding.

Drink plenty of fluids

Water is one of the most important drinks for the human body. You should try to drink at least 6-10 glasses of water each day, and if you are breastfeeding, drinking water and fruit juices can really help you.

Eat plenty of proteins

Foods such as milk, yogurt, fish, milk and beans will help you with your recovery after childbirth. They also keep your body extra strong, and if you are under 18 years of age, or underweight before you deliver, you will need even more proteins.

Include plenty of vegetables and fruits

Try and ensure that more than half of your plate is filled with fruits and veggies. These are rich in minerals and vitamins that you probably lost plenty of, during the pregnancy. They also have lots of fiber that can help with constipation. 

But, be sure to clean them thoroughly under running water before you eat them so you don’t introduce dirt into your body.

Lose weight safely

Most women want to start losing weight immediately after delivery, but this isn’t always safe. Weight loss can affect your milk production, so, just hold off of this for a short while, and especially do not take any diet pills just yet.

The pills may contain some harmful minerals that you may end up passing on to the baby through the breast milk.

Keep taking your prenatal vitamins

If you are breastfeeding, it is wise to keep on taking your prenatal vitamins. Let your doctor prescribe the best pills for breastfeeding so you do not use the wrong kind. Remember that your baby’s safety is of paramount importance right now.

Limit the amount of junk food

Breastfeeding comes with a whole lot of hunger, and at times you may feel that you can eat just about anything. Wisdom dictates that you should lay off the junk food such as french fries as they are really not healthy and will only make your weight loss journey more difficult.

Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding

There are some foods that are not allowed while breastfeeding your baby as they can harm your baby and even the production of milk. The reason behind this is that the food you eat is  fed to your baby indirectly through the breast milk. Here’s what you should avoid.


Everyone knows this. Wine coolers, wine, strong drinks, beer, hard lemonade and any other liquor beverages should be avoided at all costs. You should not drink these beverages because you will pass them on to your baby through the breast milk. And ultimately that can cause major developmental health risks in your baby.


This is a stimulant that is likely to pass through the breast milk on to your baby. Caffeine can stunt the growth of your kid, and it is found in drinks such as chocolate, tea and of course coffee. However, many soft drinks and some over the counter medicines do contain caffeine, so ensure you do adequate research before taking anything you are unsure of.


Fish does contain some mercury, and this is harmful to your baby’s brain development. If you eat tuna, then limit to just a few each week, and ensure that it is the light kind.

Should I Exercise?

This really is the million dollar question. Most women want to get right back on the treadmill and start exercising to get their bodies back. It is not safe, unless you receive the clear okay from your doctor. Please consult with the doctor before starting any form of exercising after childbirth.

What can you do in the meantime? Walk.This is a great and safe way to try and get rid of the extra pounds and the stress of being a new mom. Do not overdo it though. You can walk with your baby as you get some fresh air and ensure that you breathe in and out to relax.

Healthiest Foods To Eat After Childbirth
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Breastfeeding is a very sensitive topic with many people telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. The most important thing to remember is that whatever you’re eating, the baby is eating via your breast milk. So if you wouldn’t directly feed a toddler something, then you probably should stay away from eating or drinking it while breastfeeding.