Google Play Store – Discover the Best Parenting Apps

Parenting is one of the most challenging journeys and can sometimes become a roller-coaster ride. Many parents come across immense tension and stress to raise happy, healthy, and well-balanced kids.

Back in the days, there were very few resources that could help parents and ease their jobs. Many of our parents relied on babysitters, daycare, and relatives to take care of ourselves.

But in today’s world of changing technology, there is a brand new resource and we call them smartphone apps. Today there are numerous apps that can guide you through every aspect of being a parent. In this article, we bring you 4 best parenting apps on the web that will surely help you with your parenting duties.

Google Play Store - Discover the Best Parenting Apps

Baby GoGo

Baby GoGo is a parenting platform that helps new moms keep their children healthy. The app is very useful as it provides relevant information about pregnancy, childcare, and health. It allows parents to connect and interact with doctors and pediatricians to interact and get their expert advice on baby’s health, food habits, and mood swings as well.

With Baby GoGo, parents can also set vacation reminders and track your baby’s growth, so that you can always be on top of your child’s health and development.

How to Download?

Baby GoGO, your very own parenting, baby care, and baby health assistant is absolutely free of cost and can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store.

Find My Kids

For parents, peace of mind comes when you know where your children are and they are absolutely safe. Find My Kids understands this and helps you track your child’s location on the map and logs the child’s movements throughout the day. This is the best locator app available in the Google Play Store that uses Google Maps in real-time and helps to track your little ones and make sure they are safe. 

Once you have installed Find My Kids on your phone, you can connect to your child using their smartphone or a GPS-watch. With the app, you can not only track your child, but also communicate with them, and in case of danger, they can also press the emergency button and let the parents know about it.

How to Download?

Find My Kids is available to download for free in the Google Play Store for Android devices and as well as in the Apple Store for iOS devices.

Cloud Baby Monitor

With Cloud Monitor App, you can turn your smartphone into a reliable, secure, and user-friendly baby monitoring device. This app basically works on two devices – one device, the baby unit, and another device, the parent unit.

The baby unit is left with your child to capture their visual and audio, while the parent unit is kept with parents so that they can monitor what the child is doing. Both devices are connected by default on any Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. The app also stores soothing lullabies or relaxation music to help your child fall asleep.

What’s more – the app also houses night vision and automatic brightness controlling measures so that parents can monitor their child even in the night time without disturbing their peaceful sleep.

How to Download?

It is an essential parenting app and is available for download in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store for $4.99 and $5.15 respectively.


HowApp is specially created for caring parents who want to spend time playing and learning with their kids. The app features learning activities and videos that kids can do together with their parents.

With fun and creative activities, the app helps parents and educators raise smart and curious kids. Thanks to the powerful search function of the app, parents can find learning activities and ideas for their kids using their age groups. HowApp is basically focused on building a mobile school community that can engage everyone in the learning process.

How to Download?

HowApp is can be downloaded absolutely free of cost in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Google Play Store - Discover the Best Parenting Apps

The Bottom Line

Parenting is hard work, but technology has the power to make every aspect of life simpler and less complicated. The same rule goes with parenting – with proper tools in your arsenal, you can surely strive for stress-free parenthood.