Giving Birth – 4 Things to Expect on the Day Of

Ask any woman who has given birth, and they will tell you how unique the process was. You will have a different experience with each labor and delivery. Giving birth can be a joy and an experience that leaves an impression for the rest of your life. If this is your first time, your emotions must be all over the place, as you wonder what will happen on the day of.

As the time for delivery nears, you may be prompted to research and ask about what happens. Well, this is understandable but not necessary. This is the time to focus on both your health and that of the baby as you wait to bring that little human into this world.

Assuming you have already packed your hospital bag, you next should talk to your partner about who should be in the delivery room with you. You should choose anyone you feel you are comfortable with. The goal is to have a positive experience. Read on to learn about some things that may happen on your delivery day.

Giving Birth - 4 Things to Expect on the Day Of
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Braxton Hicks Contractions

During your pregnancy, you might have felt your tummy tighten and relax again. This typically happens starting in the second trimester and is usually referred to as “practice” contractions. They do not indicate labor, and there is no reason to be worried. 

However, as you near your delivery day, you will notice Braxton Hicks contractions become more powerful, and some take it to mean labor.

Just relax and enjoy the moment, as they are irregular and will not last for long. They are uncomfortable but not painful. Trust your instincts and contact your midwife or labor ward if you are worried about anything.

Emotional Changes

Just like we mentioned, different women go through different experiences throughout their pregnancies. Some experience emotional changes, such as feeling very low, irritable, teary, anxious, or scared. 

This is normal, and it’s something that goes away with time.

Increased Back Pain and Cramps

More so if this is your first pregnancy, you might feel pain in your lower back and groin and crampiness as you get close to labor. This is because your joints and muscles are stretching and also shifting preparing for birth.

Some women get diarrhea, and their joints start feeling loose. This is because, throughout the whole pregnancy period, your hormone relaxing makes your ligaments loosen up. 

Typically, before you go into labor, you will feel like your joints all over your body are less tight and more relaxed. This happens naturally to open up your pelvis for that passenger to make entry into this world.

Giving Birth - 4 Things to Expect on the Day Of


Your Water Will Break

Babies develop inside an amniotic sac, which is like a bag of fluid, and when your baby is ready to be born, this sac breaks open. This fluid comes out through your vagina, and that is what is known as your water breaking. 

This, however, can happen any time during your labor; some babies are born having their waters intact.

Perhaps you are wondering how much water will break; well, this depends. For some, it’s just a trickle, and for others, it’s a big gush. Just don’t take anything lightly; if you experience any of this, promptly call your midwife. 

In case your water breaks before you go into labor, your midwife might offer to induce labor, and you will have to give birth in the hospital, as they have to keep monitoring you so you don’t infect the unborn baby.

Bottom Line

If this is your first pregnancy, there is no need to panic; you will adjust to the changes as you go. Understandably, you can’t help it but think of what will happen on that day, but as long as you are in good health for the child, the rest should be fine. 

Just keep exercising and stay active, have enough rest, eat healthy food, and wait for that passenger to make their way into this world.