Free Makeup Sample – Learn How to Order Online

Finding the right base or blush can be expensive and time-consuming. It is not suitable for those who wish to test the product in various lightings and environments, although many stores have testers.

Luckily, several cosmetic companies give free samples of their products, and the following guide has been put together to get your hands on these samples.

Free beauty demos are a perfect way to test out new items and stretch your wallet over your favorite cosmetics brands a bit further. A guide to receiving free beauty samples will help you try your favorite high-end cosmetics, as well as the labels in the drugstore.

Free Makeup Sample - Learn How to Order Online
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How it Works

You can get some of these free makeup samples by mail, and others, you’ll have to go out to the shop to buy. There are even a couple of ways mentioned below to get you full-size makeup products for free!

Of all the free samples out there, one of our favorites to get is free makeup samples. Trying out a new product is so fun! Plus, you can completely spoil yourself without the guilt of spending your hard-earned cash on more makeup.

How and Where to Get Free Samples of Makeup Online


Sephora, the world-famous cosmetic brand, knows one or two things about makeup and is happy to provide free samples of many of its fabulous products.

After a speedy and straightforward registration process, members can select up to three free samples each time they order online. Sources include the Cover X Power Play Base, Prada Sugar Pop, various skin cleaning items, and free perfume samples.

L’oreal USA

Cosmetic giant L’Oreal USA is giving a chance to make-up lovers to join its Customer Participation Board.

After registering to become a panelist online, guests will be invited to on-site events where fantastic makeup items will be checked – and held.

Those who can not attend in person have the option of receiving samples by mail.

While members usually don’t get to pick the products they’re checking for, this is a great way to try new hair and makeup products before anyone else – and for free!


Smashbox, a relative newcomer, is the go-to for vibrant and fresh cosmetic products for many people.

The site offers a massive number of free samples with any purchase, or for a minimum of $1.

The available products range from moisturizer sachets to eyeshadow duos and makeup bags in full size.

Product Testing in the USA

Product Testing USA is inviting members of the public to sign up to be reviewers – and to retain anything they review.

While not being solely a makeup destination, Product Testing USA also has beauty products to test.

All you need to do is register online, add a few bits of info about your preferences and dislikes, and you will quickly find your way to new items to be checked.


Popular online publication Redbook invites readers to join Club Red to obtain free review samples and the chance to attend exclusive events and win prizes.

When you sign in to the website, a brief questionnaire about your preferences and lifestyle will be addressed to you.

Simply click on the ‘Get me free stuff’ button after filling in the form and add your email address, and offers will be sent to you daily.

The Pink Panel

It’s as simple as one, two, open, for the ladies The Pink Panel is a customer panel site.

Fill in a few bits of information, such as the Facebook profile, and you will receive free deals automatically and have the ability to participate in surveys and special events.

Everyday Minerals

Everyday Minerals provides the chance to try out 5 custom eyeshadows, charging for the brush and packaging.

Unfortunately, the website is a bit tricky and takes some patience, as the items are not always loaded into the shopping basket.

There are great shades to choose from to make up your mini kit, so it’s worth persevering.


Influenster is refreshingly fast and easy to join – the homepage will take you to a simple online registration, and you will be signed up to receive newsletters and email offers, including prizes, freebies, and invitations to events after email verification.

The website of Influenster, lauded as a beauty community, doubles as an online magazine and features lots of posts, tips, and advice, as well as news of newly launched beauty products.

Free Makeup Sample - Learn How to Order Online
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You’ll have your mailbox filled with free mascara, lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and more makeup samples before you know it. Follow these websites now!