Find Out Which Plants Are Easier to Grow in a Home Garden

A home is a place where we can make ourselves feel associated with the roots of love and bonding. And, if that’s the case, then why not make it serene by getting involved in gardening? Gardening can be soothing, and it can bring an essence of positivity and purity to our environment.

Home gardening can make our place look magical. Gardening can serve the purpose of blissfulness in life by enhancing creativity, reducing stress, and making our surroundings healthier.

However, growing different types of vegetables, fruits, or other flowery plants isn’t child’s play as one has to consider several aspects, like success rate and survival. In this article, we present the list of 10 houseplants that you can grow in a home garden. Read on to learn more.

Find Out Which Plants Are Easier to Grow in a Home Garden


All you need are potato bags or bins, and some compost to cover the bag in order to cherish your potatoes in your home garden in late February or March. 

Watering the plant is the fun part that you have to do. In the end, rummaging in the soil will help you collect your home-planted potatoes conveniently.


If you love to devour radish in many forms in your diet, consider the spring and autumn as the best time to sow. Moreover, it is an easy-to-grow vegetable, and it doesn’t entail much effort. Start by sowing it into the container, maintain it for at the latest 70 days or more to get the results.


The pearl-shaped vegetable is suggested to sow between March and June, and you can harvest it after 2-3 months later. Growing peas is definitely a peaceful, as you can grow directly into the ground while making sure to support their stem throughout.


If you yearn for a chilly and crunchy salad during the hot summer, then there is nothing better than growing cucumber in your home. To grow it by yourself, you need some preparation in advance. 

Make sure to blend the soil with nitrogen and potassium-rich fertilizer. However, it is suggested not to grow cucumbers before the end of frost as they are sensitive to extreme cold.


Tomatoes are best sowed in February to April. Since tomatoes have various uses, you can find plentiful varieties of tomato seeds to grow in your garden. All you need is a pot, bag, or basket and some plant food to enjoy juicy tomatoes.

Broad Beans

Beans are one of the healthier vegetables to consume and easiest to grow. You can prepare the sturdy broad beans plant by sowing into a little pot or into the grounds. 

When planted into a garden, this plant can make you enjoy nutrient-rich green vegetables lightheartedly. Consider November to March as the best sowing time and June for the harvest.


We all love carrot juice, and carrots in the form of cooked vegetables. You can sow the seeds of carrots before the last spring frost for efficient results. Growing carrots in your home is entirely hassle-free, but ensuring the quality of soil is a must.


The essential ingredients of most of the fast-food cuisines, Capsicum is easy to bed out in the garden of your home. On choosing late winters or early summers as a favorable time, you can start by preparing the potting mix. It will take around 60 to 90 days for capsicum to grow.

Spring Onions

Another vegetable that can make your salad delicious is Spring onion. Spring onions can be sowed in-between March and July. It is the most trouble-free vegetable to sow as it will self-seed. However, make sure to harvest it after 8 weeks.


Find Out Which Plants Are Easier to Grow in a Home Garden

For beginners, beetroot is the best choice to use when gardening. It is better to be planted between March and July, and harvested till September. And, you will need moist soil for desired results. Just after a few months, you can enjoy reddish and juicy beetroot at your home. 


There is nothing better than making your home green and serene by planting. Above all, this helps us embrace freshness, wellness, and a blossoming environment altogether. 

So, if you are fascinated by this article, and you wish to enjoy freshly grown vegetables for your meals, then start planning to sow your favorite veggies at the best time listed above.