Find Out How to Get Discounts of Up to 65% on Medicines

Buying drugs can be very expensive, especially if you are buying medication for the elderly. If you are not shopping around to find the cheapest way to acquire this prescription medication then, you are paying too much for it.

Think of it this way – when booking a flight, you would never buy a ticket without first comparing the prices of different airlines! So, why are you settling with the nearest pharmacy when it comes to medication? They are probably not offering the best rates.

So, comparison shopping when it comes to medication is also just as simple as comparing flights. There are plenty of websites that offer you medicine, and therefore, you must ensure that you compare all of their prices before making a decision. Read on to learn more.

Find Out How to Get Discounts of Up to 65% on Medicines



PharmacyChecker is a website that is pretty ambitious and promises to save you up to 90% on the price of your prescription medication. This site lists the different drug prices from online pharmacies both abroad and in the U.S.

In order to find the best price for a specified prescribed medication, you should enter the name of the medication in their search box, and then click on “Find the lowest price”.

The website also has a verification program for all online pharmacies. You will be able to view the ratings of the pharmacy and verify the information by clicking on its profile. This is the symbol labeled “I”.

Having a verified pharmacy means that PharmacyChecker has already confirmed that the pharmacy holds all the licenses and standards of practice. 


GoodRx, is another website that is characterized by its bright yellow color that is sure to get your attention. It claims to save its customers an average of $276 each year on prescription medication

What the website does is enables you to compare the prices of their more than 70,000 U.S. pharmacies. All you do is enter the name of the medication you want to buy in their search bar, and then click on “Find the Lowest Price” button.

They will show you the best prices of the medication from various pharmacies and in some cases even generate a coupon that you can use while buying the medication. 

Blink Health

Blink Health is a website that helps you negotiate the prices of medications from certain pharmacy chains. They then tell you what your prescription is likely to cost at the pharmacies when you buy through their website.

The company says that they cut out the middleman in these transactions and then offer a group discount price that is directed towards people who want to purchase the drug. They work directly with the pharmacies and drug manufacturers to negotiate for you the lowest prices.

According to them, you do not need a coupon to purchase your drugs, and all you need is to visit the pharmacy and pick your medication after paying for it online. You can also choose to have it shipped to your home if you wish.

Also, you can input the quality and strength you want of the drug. After this, select the pharmacy you wish to use and proceed to the checkout page. They can provide you with a proof of purchase that you shall take with you to the pharmacy.


Find Out How to Get Discounts of Up to 65% on Medicines


WeRx is a website that is very similar to Blink Health and GoodRx. It provides you with a listing of all the local pharmacies and the prices they charge for the drug you wish to purchase. 

They however have additional features that will allow you to report on the actual amount you paid for the medication you bought. In order to see all of your options, you should enter the name of the medication, and your ZIP code on their homepage and then hit the “Search” button. 

After that, you should then select the medication in terms of quantity and strength you need. There is a map of all the pharmacies in your area on the site so you can choose one that is conveniently located and most affordable to you.


Finding an option to buy cheaper medication is a welcome relief for most people. These websites are legit and will help you save lots of dollars on the total amount of money you have been spending on medication.