Feeding While Lying Down – Know the Facts on Safety and Benefits

It may take some time to figure out the most comfortable breastfeeding position for you and the baby, especially if you are a first-time mom. The side-lying position is one of the beneficial positions in breastfeeding. However, this baby feeding position does not work for all moms and babies.  

The main idea of feeding while lying down is to provide the baby with the best spot to breastfeed. As long as the position is done correctly, efficient and comfortable breastfeeding is experienced. 

Breastfeeding the baby does not always have to exhaust. You’ll just have to explore the position that works for you and the baby. Know the facts about feeding while lying down and learn the benefits that it can offer. 

Feeding While Lying Down - Know the Facts on Safety and Benefits
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Benefits of Side-Lying Position

Helps When You’ve Had a Cesarean Section

This breastfeeding position is ideal for mothers who have had a cesarean section because there will be no pressure in the stomach and the incision site compared to breastfeeding while carrying the baby.

No Need to Sit Up at Night

When you feed the baby using the side-lying position, there’s no need to stand up and carry the baby, especially if your baby stays beside you, and you will have more time to rest.

Helps If You Have Large Breasts

It would be more manageable for you to breastfeed your baby in a side-lying position if you have large breasts. At first, it may seem uncomfortable but doing it a couple of times will help you adjust and be used to it.  

Good If You’re Tired or Sick

When you are tired or sick, you don’t need to push yourself to stand up just to feed the baby. You just put your head down and relax while waiting for the baby to finish breastfeeding.

Helps When The Baby Is Sleepy

Doing the side-lying position ensures that the baby can be more alert in breastfeeding even though he/she is still sleepy. This allows the baby to breastfeed and rest at the same time. 

Downsides of Side-Lying Breastfeeding Position

When babies breastfeed while lying down, there is an increased risk for spitting up and choking. To avoid the incidence of choking or spitting up, it’s always advisable to watch over your baby while you are feeding them in this position and make sure that you and your baby are doing the right side-lying position every time. 

Feeding While Lying Down - Know the Facts on Safety and Benefits
Image Source: Todays Parent

How to Breastfeed While Lying Down

In breastfeeding your baby while lying down, your main priority is to ensure that the baby is comfortable

  1. Don’t lie your baby in a pillow; make sure that no blankets are surrounding the baby. Position the baby on the bed on their back.
  2. Lie down beside your baby in a sideways position.
  3. You may place a pillow behind you so you are in a position that is slightly leaning.  Your baby will have a better position towards your breast and nipple when you lean a bit, but it would still depend on your breast’s size.
  4. Make sure your legs are in the right position. To avoid the baby pushing their legs against your upper leg, keep your legs straight and aligned with your hips. When the baby pushes their legs, it might interrupt how they latch towards your breast.
  5. See to it that the baby is not having a hard time getting milk from your breast. The baby’s position greatly affects how much milk they are getting. There are some cases where you need to hold your breast so the baby can feed properly.


The ideal breastfeeding position for the baby varies from one baby to another. If the lying down position is not ideal for your baby, you may speak to a lactation expert to give you different ways to feed your baby safely. The different positions of breastfeeding the baby can be done in turns as long as your baby is comfortable.