5 easy steps to stop using pacifier

[fb_button][wdgpo_plusone]”Should we use pacifier, or not?” was the question initially. And we decided to use. When our son was 18 months old, we decided it was the time to stop using pacifier and another question came up : “How to stop using pacifier?”. We found an incredible way to stop using pacifier… It took about a week, and with absolutely NO CRY, our son stopped using it… Hard to believe it, right? Follow the steps below, and you see with your eyes :

1 – You don’t need to talk to your kid about this. Once you decide to stop, collect ALL the pacifiers at home and punch a very little hole on top of them. You can use a needle for this. Make sure, you do this for all the pacifiers; the ones at his/her room, at living room, at the car, at the stroller etc. DO NOT FORGET ANY OF THEM.

2 – After a day or 2, make the hole a little bigger on the pacifier. Don’t make it huge (yet), but a little bigger. Again the same, you have to do this for all the pacifiers. Let your baby enjoy (!) these new ones for some time.

3 – The next step is to make the hole a little more bigger. Maybe with a scissor, cut the front part of the pacifier. Just a little, not a huge cut (yet). Again the same, do the exact same thing for all the pacifiers. Leave the pacifiers like this for 1-2 days.

4 – This step is funny; now cut the pacifiers from the middle. All of them. And watch him/her enjoying (!) it… At this point, there is nothing for your baby to enjoy. It is even hard to keep it in the mouth. Usually most of the babies stop taking it at this point (if not earlier). Our son was putting his pointer in the pacifier and was laughing 🙂

5 – If yours still wants it, after a couple of days, cut it almost from the bottom. At this point, definitely your baby will stop using it…

There is couple tricky points that I want to mention :

a) Do NOT smile or laugh to his/her reactions. Try to be as normal as possible. When s/he asks for another one, just give another pacifier as if everything is normal.

b) Before starting this method, you may want to limit the pacifier usage (this is not necessary). Maybe just for the sleep time, or in his room…

Hope your baby will stop using the pacifier easily.

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