Discover This Childproofing Checklist Every Parent Needs

Children bring a lot of joy to the family but can also cause anxiety especially when in an unsafe environment. Right from when a mother is expecting, childproofing should be done so that you don’t do it last minute. Remember the child’s arrival has got its tasks.

Child proofing is the process of installing safety products in your home in preparation for a baby. Different ages of children require different child proofing projects. It’s important that you start at an early age and avoid chocking objects as babies’ first reflexes include putting their hands in their mouths. 

Learn how to childproof your home to keep your baby safe in the article below.

Discover This Childproofing Checklist Every Parent Needs
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Baby’s Crib

The Baby’s crib is one of the areas where babies die the most, called cot deaths or SID. As much as crib or cot deaths are associated with different reasons, some not even related to the crib itself, you want to ensure maximum safety. 

Keep away pillows, baby toys, bumpers and toys. The point to make the crib empty as things in the crib can choke the baby.

Also put electrical cords and baby monitors at least three feet from the crib.   Toys should also be kept away. Ensure the sides are raised or high as the baby will grow and might crawl out (unless you want to keep buying cribs for different ages).


As babies grow or start crawling, one of the first things they do is put things in their mouth. Therefore, childproof by keeping them off things that they can choke on. Keep away things like pens, make up, toys, medicine especially tablets. 

If they can hold something, the next thing is it will go in their mouths. Therefore keep most of the things in cupboards and drawers.

Also, ensure the rooms are clean from dust and carpet fibers. As the kids crawl, anything that gets stuck in their hands will go into their mouths. Also, if some rooms are potentially dangerous, keep them locked as crawling babies can’t open doors themselves.


Ensure your toilets are covered all the time. Consider installing a latch. All toiletries and cleaners should be kept in cabins or cupboards. Ensure toilet doors are closed all the time. Also, don’t leave containers with water in the toilet/bathrooms. Mirror edges should be covered.


They are one of the dangerous places for kids in the house and hence need childproofing. The best thing is to install a gate or door on the stairs and should be kept closed all the time. 

If the stairs have sharp edges, they should be covered up. Also cover your stairs with woolen carpet which decreases the likelihood of slipping off in case the child urinates or pours water on them.

Living Area

Install most of the appliances slightly high where only children tall enough to understand can be the ones to reach. Also, unplug the items you are not using. Anchor TV and other electrical appliances so they cannot be thrown down .

You can create a stationary play center and do away with baby walkers. These will keep the baby in one place for some time. Don’t keep books or other items like decorations on table edges. Rather keep them off the table or at the center.

Discover This Childproofing Checklist Every Parent Needs
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Keep all medicines in high cabinets. Also, avoid taking medicine in front of your children because they might want to copy you. Keep kitchen equipment out of reach, preferably in high cabins. 

Cover cabin edges which are sharp. Also, cover oven doors and appliances. While cooking, use back burners and turn pot handles inwards. Anchor stoves and other kitchen equipment. Keep lighters and matches out of reach.


Ensure the door to the outside is locked all the time. Also, the gate should be locked all the time. Remove nightlight in lower outlets. The doors to the garage and other off-limit areas should be secured. 

If you have a pool, it should be fenced and you should install a pool alarm. Cars should be preferably parked in the garage or have a secured place for parking so kids cannot access it and hide under the cars.

Final Thoughts

Child proofing is one of the preparations a parent should consider when expecting. Children, depending on their age are adventurous and inquisitive. In the process of exploring, they may end up harming themselves. 

That’s why you want to keep potentially dangerous objects out of reach. Also, dangerous surfaces should be covered or fenced off.