Discover These Apps for Breastfeeding Tips

Everything you want to do when you’re pregnant is keeping your baby tight to you. But what you don’t know is that giving birth is just the start! Now the real roller coaster begins! 

So, get ready for sleepless nights, hours of baby rocking, and a host of new experiences. If you’ve experienced maternity before, you know how it goes!

Breastfeeding can top the list of many challenges you, as a new mother, will face. While most women take it like a duck to water, it can turn into a battle for others. Fortunately, technological advances can help breastfeeding moms.

Discover These Apps for Breastfeeding Tips
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Baby Tracker-Nursing

When you’re busy keeping a little baby alive, it’s easy to lose track of information! You may often forget about the last time you fed your baby. Well, what you need to help you out is this great app!

This fun breastfeeding app lets you keep track of all the tiny details, such as the duration of your last breastfeeding session and the side you last nursed. It also helps you monitor your formula feeding sessions while you are partially breastfeeding.

Baby Nursing

Here’s the easiest, absolutely free breastfeeding app! The app lets you record feedings. What you need to do is tap the symbol “start” and “stop.” It also helps to keep tabs on your latest feeding sessions, along with the daily averages.


LactMed is a perfect tool for moms who breastfeed. Do you want to know whether the drug you take might affects your child’s breastfeeding or harm it? Could LactMed help! In fact, the app recommends you consider other ‘safe’ drugs too!


Does your work require a long stay away from your baby? Breastfeeding is about demand and supply. The more you feed your infant, the more that your body produces breast milk. So if your job (or other situations) keeps you from feeding your baby frequently, this breastfeeding app will be handy.

The app helps to spur let-down! Wondering how even that is possible? Well, the app will show pictures of your baby when the time is right. The app also plays different sounds to imitate a hungry child-sure to get the mammary glands to work! This is the best Android breastfeeding app.


Breastfeeding can prove to be a difficult job for many working mothers. Pumping in a bottle is a perfect way to feed your infant breast milk. The milk can be pumped and processed in the congeler. You can do your job this way, and your child will reap the benefits of breast milk!

The app gives you a wealth of knowledge about breastfeeding. This app will be a great help if you’re searching for knowledge about breastfeeding, breast milk storage, etc. It can even track feeding schedules for your baby. The app also helps find comfortable locations for breastfeeding or pumping if you’re traveling!

Speedy Tot

Journeying with a baby can be a real fight. Many mothers hesitate to venture out with their little ones due to the challenges that it entails. But now you can take a fresh breath or go shopping without worrying!

This fantastic app helps you find baby-friendly places in a jiffy. From changing stations to feeding spots-the, the app can find everything for you! 

Eat Sleep – Simple Baby Tracking

Care for a new baby includes three simple issues — monitoring their schedules for sleeping, eating, and diapering! It may look easy on paper, but these three steps can leave you drained, as experienced moms will tell you.

To make your life simpler, download this fantastic breastfeeding app. It lets you keep track of the three basic needs of your baby. It also allows you to access the daily, weekly, and monthly history that can help you better organize your life.

Discover These Apps for Breastfeeding Tips
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Ever wonder how people succeeded in raising their children before the advent of technology? Fortunately, today we have all the information and help that we need at the touch of a button. Try out these apps now!