Discover These Healthy Snacks to Eat While Pregnant

Pregnancy will dramatically intensify your hunger. During this crucial time, supplying yourself and your unborn baby with sufficient, balanced nutrition is important for fetal development. 

For your health and wellness, healthy snacks during pregnancy are completely necessary. Meet your pregnancy cravings and value your food aversions by snacking on foods that are rich in nutrients while holding your energy levels up.

Up next is a bunch of nutrient-packed treats that will please your pregnancy tastebuds and sustain your health and your unborn baby’s. Read on to learn more.

Discover These Healthy Snacks to Eat While Pregnant
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Apple with Peanut Butter Spread

Pregnancy raises your fiber needs to approximately 28 to 30 grams (g) per day. It’s wise to include fruits and vegetables in your diet to ensure you’re reaching the fiber target, which also helps keep you hydrated. 

There is more than 4g of fiber in one medium apple, and it only has 95 calories. Apples are nicely crunchy, and you could bring it anywhere with its size. Also, pectin, a soluble fiber that can enhance digestive health is packed in the apple peel.

You will remain full between meals, with protein, fiber, and healthy fats. On the sliced apples, spread 1 or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Pick natural butter with no unhealthy hydrogenated oil, instead of regular peanut butter.


Calcium is another must-have nutrient. Every day, moms-to-be need 1,000 milligrams (mg) of this mineral. Not only is calcium vital to keep your bones and teeth healthy, but it’s also critical for the bone structure of your baby. 

There is 200 mg of calcium from every 1-ounce slice of cheddar cheese, notching you 20% of your daily need. There are about 110 calories and 9 g of fat in each slice, so aim for one or two slices.

Yogurt with Nuts and Fruit

Target three low-fat dairy servings per day so that you and your baby receive sufficient calcium to keep your bones and teeth healthy. There’s more protein in Greek yogurt than normal yogurt, and it can be more filling. 

There’s less sugar in plain yogurt than flavored ones, yet both are nutritious. For protein and fiber, sprinkle on 1 to 2 tablespoons of nuts. Top with fruit, such as grapes, sliced peaches, or raisins.

Veggies or Chips and Guacamole

Your body holds on to more water when you’ve eaten too much salt to help maintain the sodium levels in your body controlled. You would be able to flush the extra salt from your body by consuming more water and eating food with high water content.

Both cucumber and celery contain a lot of water and are low in calories. And, potassium, a crucial mineral that ensures adequate fluid and electrolyte balance in the cells of your body, can be found in guacamole.

To regulate the sodium, crush a ripe avocado with the lime juice, then mix in some chopped red onion and cilantro. Look for chips with less than 100 mg of sodium per 1 ounce serving, if you really love your guacamole with tortilla chips.

Chocolate and Fruit

Discover These Healthy Snacks to Eat While Pregnant
Image Source: Medical News Today

For pregnant women, it can reduce the risk of preeclampsia, a condition that causes high blood pressure and organ damage. To keep your snack from being too sweet, match a little fun-size bar with fruit, or go for chocolate-covered fruit. 

Also, a chocolate pudding made with low-fat milk can improve your dairy consumption and help develop the bones of your baby.


There are different needs for every pregnant woman, but overall, you should try to eat three meals a day plus a pregnancy snack or two. 

Consume food that provides optimum quantities of energy and macro and micronutrients for you and the health of your baby.