Discover How to Get Free Gifts from Amazon

Who doesn’t love Amazon? This eCommerce giant sells almost everything you can think of in one place. Well, not everything. But, yeah, almost everything.

While everyone is acquainted with the regular product search, add to cart and buy mechanism, not everyone knows that you can get various items for free from this eCommerce behemoth.

In this blog, we have curated a list of things you can get from Amazon for free. Who can say no to freebies, right?

Discover How to Get Free Gifts from Amazon

Gift Cards and Credits

Amazon occasionally has amazing gift card deals that help earn some extra cash to splurge further on Amazon shopping. 

During the promotional period, Amazon credits an additional gift card of $5 – $10 for customers making a gift card purchase for themselves or gifting purposes. 

The gift card can be used for future shopping purposes before the expiration date runs out. Similarly, Amazon also provides Amazon credits, which is basically money, in the customer’s Amazon account.

You can get these credits for completing tasks such as downloading certain apps, taking surveys, or trying out their new services. The credits range from $5 – $20.

Product Samples

Amazon Prime customers can get samples for various items through sample boxes for review and testing purposes with the Prime Samples service. 

The packages range from $ 6.99 to $ 19.99. Individuals receive credits equal to their sample box price, which can be used for future orders of select products.


There are two ways to get free product shipping on Amazon purchases. The first way is to become an Amazon Prime member by paying a fee of $ 119/year or $ 12.99/month. 

Prime members are eligible for free two-day shipping without any minimum purchase requirements. The icing on the cake is that Amazon prime members residing in certain cities can get free one-day, same-day, or even two-hour delivery.

Non-prime members, too, can get free shipping on Amazon as long as the items ordered are over $25 and eligible for free delivery.


Not many people are aware that Amazon prime as well as non-prime members, can read free Kindle ebooks from Amazon’s Top 100 Kindle eBooks list. 

Amazon also has limited offers that allow customers to download and read selected ebooks for free during the offer period. Then there’s always the option of sharing kindle ebooks between friends and family members to read titles for free.

Twitch Prime

Individuals who are enthusiastic about gaming and spend a lot of time watching their favorite streamers on Twitch can get Twitch Prime for free with their Amazon Prime account or Prime Video membership. 

Twitch Prime allows users to get a free channel subscription every month, free game downloads and in-game loot, and many other benefits. 

All customers need to do is connect their Twitch account to their Amazon account to enjoy the benefits of Twitch Prime.

Photo Storage

Currently, Google Photos dominates the photo cloud storage domain for individual customers. But with Google announcing its plan to discontinue its free storage option soon, users can switch to Amazon Photos for their photo backup and storage needs. 

Amazon Photos provides Prime members with unlimited photo storage and 5 GB of video storage. They can even print and share their photos right from the Amazon Photos app with Amazon’s photo storage service.


Most people are unaware that Amazon’s Music Unlimited has a catalog of more than 60 million songs. 

Prime members get unlimited access to the song library, without any ads and unlimited downloads with an additional fee of $ 7.99/month or $ 79/year over their prime membership subscription. 

Amazon also has another service, Amazon Prime Music, for its prime customers that feature more than 2 million songs, without any extra subscription charges.

Non-prime members don’t be disheartened. Non-prime members, too, can get a piece of Amazon Music, as they can get Amazon Music Unlimited at just $ 9.99/month and enjoy the same benefits of Amazon Music services as prime members.

TV Shows and Movies

Amazon Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service, is included in the Amazon Prime subscription. The video streaming service lets customers stream thousands of movies, tv shows, and exclusive original content produced by Amazon. 

Amazon Prime video account can be used on multiple devices simultaneously, and movies and shows can be downloaded and viewed offline.

Discover How to Get Free Gifts from Amazon


So you see, there are a lot of ways of getting free stuff through Amazon, you just need to be aware of your options.