Discover How to Apply for a Chrome Visa Credit Card

Do you want to start building a credit record or rebuild your credit rating? Then the Vanquis Bank Chrome Visa credit card might just be the card for you. The Chrome Visa credit card is Vanquis Bank’s lowest APR credit card.

It is also one of the lowest APR credit building cards available. So if you’re new to credit, or had some financial problems in the past, you could build or rebuild your credit rating by using this Chrome Visa credit card.

The Chrome Visa credit card is powered by Vanquis Bank. The bank is the UK’s largest provider of credit cards for customers who are working to build or rebuild their credit rating. Up next we’re going to get into detail about the card.  

Discover How to Apply for a Chrome Visa Credit Card

Chrome Visa Credit Card: Features

The Chrome Visa credit card is a great credit-building tool. It is ideal to take charge of your credit future. It could also be used to fix a poor credit rating if you’ve had credit difficulties in the past. 

As a new customer, you will be given a manageable starting limit between £250 and £1,500. This limit might later be increased to £4,000. Via the Vanquis website, you can manage your account online. 

If you prefer to work on your phone you can download Vanquis’ mobile app on Apple or Android.

Pros and Cons of the Chrome Visa Credit Card 

The Chrome Visa credit card is Vanquis Bank’s lowest APR credit card. With the card, you’ll enjoy 24/7 fraud protection. Your account will be monitored 24 hours a day to minimize the possibility of fraud.

The interest-free period of 56 days is only for purchases.

Chrome Visa Credit Card: Fees and Rates

  • Annual fee: £0
  • Representative APR:  29.5%
  • Interest – purchases:  2.84% per month
  • Interest – cash: 2.84% per month
  • Interest – money transfer: 2.84% per month
  • Interest balance transfer: 2.84% per month
  • Interest-free period: 56 days, only on purchases
  • Cash advance fee: 3% nor £3 whichever is greater
  • Foreign purchase fee: 2.99% of sterling value
  • Late payment fee: £12
  • Over limit fee: £12
  • Failed payment: £12

Chrome Visa Credit Card: Eligibility

To apply for a Chrome Visa credit card, you have to be at least 18 years old and have a secure income source. The bank evaluates every applicant individually online. 

To check whether you qualify, you have to complete the eligibility questionnaire. If you qualify, the questionnaire forms the first part of your application process.

How to Get the Chrome Visa Credit Card?

To apply for your Chrome Visa credit card, you have to start by checking your eligibility. Click here to go to the form. On the form, you have to provide personal details like your title, first and last name, and your date of birth. 

You’ll have to give your residential address with an indication of what type of tenant you are (e.g. owner, living with parents, renting) and how long you have lived there. 

The bank will also need your contact information and details regarding your source of income. You’ll also have to declare your expenses. You will get a response in 60 seconds after submitting the form. 

If your card is approved, it usually takes between 10-14 days to receive your card. It will be sent to your home address. On receipt of the card, you’ll have to call the bank to activate it.

Chrome Visa Credit Card: Address and Contact 

The Chrome Visa credit card is issued by Vanquis Bank with its registered office at No. 1 Godwin Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 2SU. The telephone number is 0330 099 3000.

Discover How to Apply for a Chrome Visa Credit Card


If you want to start building your credit or have experienced financial problems in the past, have a look at the Chrome Visa credit card. It offers the ideal opportunity to take control of your credit future.

Check out a few different credit cards before settling on one that is best for your lifestyle.

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult Vanquis Bank’s Chrome Visa credit card’s terms and conditions before agreeing on anything.