Diaper Stacker & Storage

Diaper Stacker and StoragesDiaper Stacker & Storage are decorative items used to store diapers (as the name implies 🙂 ) – either cloth or disposable.

Diaper stackersDiaper Stacker & Storage usually hang near or on the changing or dressing table for convenience and will make diaper changing easier. Diaper stackers should not hang on the crib.

This is not necessary and you can live without it. However very nice and useful to have all diapers in one place. Having a diaper stacker is like having a reminder for you: you will know when you will need to go diaper shopping. Otherwise, you may end up with not a good situation – you need to change your little one, but there is not diaper at home…

If you have budget for this, I think it is good to have. Otherwise, totally ok not to buy one. You can buy a new one for $10 – $20Diaper Stacker & Storage