Cryptic Pregnancy-Learn Everything You Need to Know

A cryptic pregnancy is when you are pregnant, but you are unaware of your situation. It is not unusual to find out that you are pregnant in your third trimester or when going to labor. Knowing whether you are pregnant or not is essential to avoid future issues.

Any pregnant woman needs to take care of herself so as not to affect the baby. For this reason, you must understand the signs and symptoms of cryptic pregnancy and when to see a doctor. This pregnancy also involves different risk factors that need to be reduced.

After understanding the symptoms, risk factors, and other issues resulting from cryptic pregnancy, you will feel more confident about when to visit a doctor. Here are the facts you need to know about cryptic pregnancy and what action to take.

Cryptic Pregnancy-Learn Everything You Need to Know
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Symptoms of Cryptic Pregnancy

When suffering from a cryptic disorder, you will not experience the common pregnancy symptoms. In fact, one of the cryptic pregnancy symptoms is unexpected delivery.

In most cases, you might have visited the doctor and received the wrong diagnosis.

Pregnant women need prenatal vitamins and regular check-ups to assess the growth and development of the baby.  There is a dire need to create awareness of cryptic pregnancy so that people can go for check-ups and have an early diagnosis.

It’s not a fun thing to find out you are pregnant at the last moment. You need time to plan and save money. That’s why it’s always good to understand the signs and symptoms.

What is Cryptic Pregnancy?

Cryptic Pregnancy occurs when a woman is unaware of their pregnancy, and this can go up to a few weeks before giving birth. This situation occurs regularly across the world, and, at times, the consequences are fatal.

This situation occurs when a woman does not have any missed periods, abdominal swelling, or nausea. Pregnancy symptoms differ in every woman, and therefore it’s not uncommon to find a pregnant woman who still has her period.

 The doctors might also be unaware of the woman’s pregnancy, especially is there are no signs or symptoms linked to fertility. 

Major Causes

Younger age is a significant cause of cryptic pregnancy when you don’t understand the symptoms associated with pregnancy. 

Learning disabilities may also affect your ability to recognise pregnancy symptoms. Mental illness also contributes to this problem where a person can experience the symptoms and not link them to being pregnant.

Drug abuse history can also make a person associate pregnancy symptoms with withdrawal effects. Even after seeking medical help, the doctor might diagnose the drug problem and not pregnancy. It is also common in healthy women too.

Risk Factors

Cryptic Pregnancy cases are increasing each year, and this is giving the doctors a better chance to test and provide the correct diagnosis.

Such pregnancy can also increase child neglect, death, and child abuse. Other risks include death, hospitalization, a small for gestational age baby, and prematurity. Moreover, Cryptic Pregnancy can also cause more problems during childbirth.

When to See a Doctor

When you experience any symptoms of pregnancy, make sure that you consult your doctor. You will have tests done on you and be given a diagnosis. 

After the doctor confirms your pregnancy, you will receive prenatal care and be advised accordingly.

See a doctor immediately after realizing that you are pregnant. The doctors now have advanced technology to estimate the due date.

Factors Contributing to Negative Results

Sometimes it’s difficult to diagnose cryptic pregnancy, especially when you do the test at home. The major cause of this negative result is taking the test too early.

Several medications also affect the results including promethazine, anxiety medications, and Parkinson’s disease drugs.

Cryptic Pregnancy-Learn Everything You Need to Know
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Bottom Line

It is essential to see a doctor in case you think you are pregnant. At times, the home pregnancy tests do not work out resulting in the need for other tests.

It would help if you see a doctor as early as possible to avoid the risks associated with cryptic pregnancy.