Coronavirus And Pregnancy: Questions & Answers For Future Mothers

It’s hard enough to be pregnant when all is well, but it’s even harder now that there is the coronavirus pandemic. Not only do you have to worry about getting infected yourself, but you are also worried about your unborn baby, and whether or not you can infect them with the virus.

The United Kingdom is the latest country to include expectant mothers in their list of vulnerable people, who are at high risk of infection. They have advised all pregnant women to practice proper hygiene, avoid crowded places, and generally distance themselves from people.

Now, the biggest challenge the world is facing concerning the COVID-19 disease is the lack of proper information. Viruses, such as HIV, have been around for many years, which has given scientists time to properly research them. They have come up with some factual information that is valuable to anyone who is infected or not.

Coronavirus And Pregnancy: Questions & Answers For Future Mothers
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However, that is not the case with the coronavirus. The fact that you cannot infect your unborn baby with HIV is very good news. But now that we have a new virus, we have yet to receive information from the scientists on its impact on the unborn babies.

So, in this review, we set out to do a bit of research on the coronavirus and pregnancy. Unfortunately, we did not find out much, because research is still ongoing. Nonetheless, we will give you the basic information that will help you with your pregnancy journey.

Does Being Pregnant Put You At A Higher Risk Of Contracting The Virus?

Unfortunately, we do not know yet. Experts are still unaware of the impact of pregnancy on the virus. Coronavirus is still new, and there haven’t been any published scientific reports, yet, on whether or not pregnancy causes one to become high risk. However, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, pointed out that because pregnant women have a weaker immune system, they may be more susceptible to viral infections, and this includes COVID-19.

What Precautions Should You Take As A Pregnant Woman?

The CDC has recommended that the general public, which includes all pregnant women, should take all the preventative measures issued by health officials, regardless of pregnancy or not. This includes regularly washing your hands with soap and water, getting a flu vaccine, avoiding touching your face, staying at home to avoid crowded places, and avoiding close contact with people who are sick.

Should You Travel As A Pregnant Woman?

Currently, there is no guidance on traveling and pregnancy in regards to the spread of the coronavirus. But, because this virus is spread from person to person, traveling at this time is not advisable, whether you are pregnant or not. However, if you have to go for a checkup, this is acceptable, provided you take all the necessary precautions while doing so. Also, if you can call your doctor and avoid a hospital visit altogether, that is most ideal.

Can You Transfer It To Your Baby?

This is the most common question among pregnant women. Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered at the moment. As we have already pointed out, the virus is still under research, and not much is known at this time. Recently, however, there have been some cases of women who are infected with coronavirus giving birth to children who are not infected. This means there is a likelihood of non-infection between mother and baby, but we cannot say for sure until scientific research shows this clearly.

Should You Wear A Face Mask If You Are Pregnant?

Well, this one we can answer for sure. The answer is no. Not unless you are infected with the virus.

The CDC does not recommend a healthy person to wear a face mask. Doctors warn that putting it on, and taking it off could expose you more to the virus. This is because it will mostly stick to your hands and your face. If you are sick, however, wearing a mask ensures that you do not infect anyone else around you, especially when you sneeze.

Can You Breastfeed If You Have Coronavirus?

If you have just given birth and have been diagnosed with coronavirus, please speak to your health care provider before breastfeeding your newborn. While the CDC doesn’t yet have official guidance towards this, it is advisable to exercise caution. Although it hasn’t been well researched to identify the risks, if any, of breastfeeding.

They have, however, issued the following directives; wash your hands before touching your baby, and if you are sick, wear a face mask at all times when interacting with your baby. You should also ensure to clean your hands thoroughly before touching the breast pump and have someone who isn’t sick feed the baby.

Coronavirus And Pregnancy: Questions & Answers For Future Mothers
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Not much is known about the new coronavirus, but with time, some of these answers will have scientific proof. Unfortunately, your worries may not be fully eliminated at this point, but we advise that you follow the health and hygiene practices that have been advised for everyone, whether pregnant or not.