CoolMath4Kids Games – Discover Online Math Games for Children

Launched in 1997 by a math instructor, CoolMath offers additional knowledge on geometry and other math concepts for students for many ages. 

They can find out algebraic property descriptions, learn multiplication tricks, or test the graphing calculator online. In addition, separate sections provide math-related activities and guidance to parents and teachers. 

The site connects to many other websites, including a younger kids’ math site,, and blogs about teen stress reduction, among other topics. Learn more about CoolMath4Kids games below and how they can help your child learn.

CoolMath4Kids Games - Discover Online Math Games for Children
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What is CoolMath? 

This award-winning site has been run by math teacher “Coolmath Karen” since 1997 to spark children’s interest in all things math. Online math dictionaries and calculators alone are enough to teach the most basic mathematics concepts, including algebra and geometry. 

There are also sections for parents on subjects like how to help with homework. In addition, teachers can get tips and tricks to get children inspired in the classroom as well as the main parts for math practice, a math dictionary, and lesson aid. 

It also connects younger kids to a companion website and other teen-related websites

CoolMath4Kids Games is an online web portal, which acts as a forum for web browser games for Flash and HTML.  The site only hosts games they think are non-violent and educational.

The CoolMath4Kids site is a set of explanation cards that could be used to present or explain other topics in the class. It may be useful as a friendlier alternative to a textbook for students who need a refresher in different math concepts. 

The platform is linked to a math games website (CoolMath Games), where some of the games may be used to teach analytical techniques or facilitate practice. But many of the games aren’t really math-focused — they’re described as “brain-training” — and can be more useful for students as a reward or break.

CoolMath4Kids Games

This is the website well-suited for kids to learn math in a fun way. This website s specifically for children ages 12 and under. 

CoolMath4Kids is an amusement park of games, lessons, and more, all designed to teach math and make it fun for their 12 and under users.

Learning math is made even more fun with CoolMath4Kids with a website designed just like video games. It contains various challenges and tactics for kids to play with, all the while learning math. 

It covers topics from simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to other topics like recognizing prime numbers and converting fractions and decimals. 


CoolMath is accessible through its website and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store. The Privacy Policy and Terms of Use used for this assessment can be found on the site of CoolMath and the iOS app store. 

Also, other policies used for this assessment include: About Our Ads. This evaluation considers only systems that were made available to the public before an individual was using the application or service.

The CoolMath terms reveal that personal and non-personal information is gathered from the use of the service. Moreover, the terms specify that interest-based advertising or “online behavioral advertising” is displayed to users, which includes ad tracking that continues to serve advertisements to users after they leave the website, encouraging them to return. 

CoolMath4Kids Games - Discover Online Math Games for Children
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The brain-training site’s games and challenges are for everyone. This website is where logic and thought meets fun and games. These games don’t have violence,  just a lot of challenges that will make you forget you’re doing a mental workout!