Citi Double Cash – Best Credit Card For Moms

Moms shop a lot, and this makes them extremely frugal when it comes to their money. As such, they need something that can help them save and make some cash in the process. This is where the Citi Double Cash Credit card comes in. This card enables you to earn rewards such as cashback whenever you use it on everyday purchases.

It is perfect for moms who spend heavily and then have to pay off their bills at the end of the month. This is due to how it is designed to pay cashback. It is also ideal for people who wish to earn a flat cashback rate every time without worrying about other bonus categories or earning caps. With this card, you will earn money when you make a purchase and also when you pay up the balance in full each month.

With the Citi Double Credit Card, their flat-rate status means there are no reward tiers as is common with most other cards. The card also doesn’t have any annual fees, which is great. They have a long introductory offer on transfers, whereby, if you use the card to transfer balances from other cards, you will not pay any interest for at least 18 months.

Citi Double Cash - Best Credit Card For Moms
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Points And Rewards Of Citi Double Cash

The card gives you 2% cashback on every single dollar you spend. They offer these rewards in two tiers, 1% on all purchases and another 1% when you make your monthly payments. There are no caps or limits on how much money you can make, but keep in mind that the rewards will expire if you don’t make any purchases in 12 months.

You also do not earn any cashback when you miss your monthly payment, or if you do not pay the agreed minimum payment. Your account must also be current in order for you to earn rewards. Now, although the card has the best flat-rate cashback rewards system, they do not have a sign-up bonus that is common with reward cards.

How Can You Redeem The Rewards?

The company offers lots of options for customers to redeem their cashback rewards. The first way is by requesting a check to be sent to you in the mail, which is done in increments of $25 or more. You can also request a statement credit in your account, again in increments of $25 or more. Finally, you can redeem your credit to your Citi Bank savings or checking account although you will be required to have paid your credit card using this account at least twice.

If none of these methods appeal to you, you can transfer your cashback rewards on to a City Thank You rewards account. They will then change the rewards into ThankYou points that you can use to redeem for gift cards, use in Citi’s shop with points program, or purchase merchandise with them.

When you redeem your cashback as part of your statement credit, you will cut down how much money you can earn. This is because taking a statement credit essentially lowers the amount of money you owe and in some instances, can even clear your debt. This would mean that you will not earn the second 1% of cashback that comes after paying your debt.

How You Can Get The Most Out Of This Card

If you wish to use this card to its maximum potential, you should ensure to use it regularly when making purchases. This is the best way of maximizing your rewards. You, however, must ensure that you pay your balance in full each month without skipping a month. Doing this guarantees that you receive the second cashback installment after paying the balance.

Ensure to always use the card so the rewards do not end up expiring. In addition, redeem your rewards frequently so you don’t put the cashback rewards at risk in case you stop using the card. If you decide to convert the cashback into ThankYou points, then the redemption value will vary depending on what you wish to redeem them for. However, this is not the best redemption process. You will get the best value if you transfer to a JetBlue TrueBlue flyer program instead.

Citi Double Cash - Best Credit Card For Moms
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As you can see, this card is great for moms who spend a lot of time shopping on a daily basis. It has excellent rates and enables them to earn some much-needed cashback from the purchases they make. The card is also free of charge, which is perfect for everyone. But, remember that, if you are late, you will not receive your second 1% cashback and a late payment could end up costing you almost $40.

Note: There are risks involves when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.