Children’s App To Learn Math – See How To Download On Your Mobile Phone

It’s no longer business as usual when it comes to education, now you can teach children math with an app. And these apps can really come in handy if you’re trying to give your child an early start or if they’re having a little trouble keeping up with the other kids. 

At one point educational apps were an option, but now that more and more parents are using them, it’s becoming more of a necessity if you don’t want your children to lag behind. Teachers are also aware of some of the great online tools out there and have started incorporating them into classes.

We’ve looked into the types of apps available to teach children math specifically. And there are definitely many options out there, but we’ve decided to take a closer look at the Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count And Learn app. It has plenty of features you can use to teach your kids simple math.

Children's App To Learn Math - See How To Download On Your Mobile Phone
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Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count and Learn.

It is really never too early to start teaching your kids simple math. The older kids can also learn plenty of their adding, counting and subtracting from the app, and many more. The best way to foster a learning culture is to start as early as possible.

This is a free and well-designed learning app that is designed as a game to teach your children math and numbers. It has several mini-games for toddlers and Pre-K kids as well. They will love playing, and learning and doing their math in fun activities.

The app helps 1st graders to identify different numbers and also starts training them on subtraction puzzles and addition. They will have a great time completing the different games and then earn stickers for the correct answers. It is simply a fun time for them to learn as they grow.

What Are The Features Of The App?

The Math Kids app comes with plenty of features and puzzles and this includes the following.

  • Counting – the kids shall learn how to count objects by doing simple game addition.
  • Comparing – this is a great lesson for the kids, and it shall help build their comparison and counting skills in order to see which of the items are bigger and which ones are smaller. This is one of the best math lessons that teaches simple skills.
  • Adding a puzzle – There are fun mini-games that kids can use to create math problems by dragging numbers on the screen.
  • Adding fun – this is used by the kids to count the objects on the screen by tapping on the missing numbers.
  • Adding quiz – there is a quiz on the app that tests the kid’s math skills.
  • Subtracting puzzle – this is used to fill in the missing symbols from a math problem.
  • Subtracting fun – this one counts the items so the kids can solve the puzzle.
  • Subtracting quiz – this one is used to test the child’s improvement when it comes to their math skills in subtraction.

When kids regularly play on the app, they develop plenty of math skills, and the ability to recall information on the spot.

Additional Features

It also has other features that help adults manage the progress of their kids. It has customized game modes that you can use to increase or decrease the difficulty of the puzzles, and also you can use to check on the progress of the kids.

The math kids’ app is great for introducing the basics of math such as addition, subtraction, and counting. This also teaches kids in kindergarten and toddlers some logical skills when it comes to everyday life.

Children's App To Learn Math - See How To Download On Your Mobile Phone
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This app was developed by a group of parents who understood what is needed in an educational app and what isn’t. And they also focused on incorporating elements that would make math learning a fun experience. It was then released as a free game without in-app purchases or ads. 

When it comes to education, you’ve got to keep up with all of the technology out there so that you and your child are not left behind. This math app can really give your child a leg up in math class going forward.