Child Care Safety Tips Babysitters Should Know

If you love kids, babysitting is one of the jobs you’ll love and look forward to everyday. Children are fun beings and spending time with them is always a joy–much so if it puts money in your pocket.

Children can come up with any object to play with regardless of its dangers. Their minds are beginning to develop and therefore want to explore everything. Some of their games or objects they use to play can harm or injure them. In case this happens, you must be trained to do basic first aid and save a life/lives.

Below are babysitter tips you might need in case a baby hurts or harms themselves. Keep reading. 

Child Care Safety Tips Babysitters Should Know
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Parents Information

Before a babysitter starts work, the parent should tell them their expectations. Give the babysitter all the information necessary about your child/children. Are they allergic to any foods? If yes what are the foods? 

What do your kids love to do? How much do they eat and how often?  What are their sleeping habits? You need to know how to handle the children safely based on the information the parents give you.


In case of an emergency like fires, what do you do? This is also the information the parents should give the babysitter. You should be shown fire exit doors, given the numbers to call like the police of the area, the hospital and any other emergency numbers. 

Also, you should definitely have the parent’s number in case you need to ask for anything.

First Aid

First aid is a crucial subject regarding children safety. Some mothers will want first aid knowledge as a must from their babysitters while others don’t. When parents entrust you with their children, their safety is the most important thing. 

Most of the objects kids play with, they end up lodging them in their noses, throats, etc. In this case, you need to know basic cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or Heimlich maneuver. When an object is pushed into the baby’s throat, all you need is a firm smack on their back and the airway will be cleared.

In case a child gets injured, is burnt or cuts themselves, CPR comes into play. You must know how to secure the airway and stop breathing as these are the main causes of death

Learn how to apply pressure on a bleeding point and position to place baby lying on the side to clear the airway. Also, you want to ensure the tongue doesn’t fall back to block the airway.

Safe Environment

Children love to play anywhere and with anything they come across. Therefore, ensure there are no hanging heavy objects that can easily fall on them. As children play, they clutter toys all over the place. If the home has stairs, children can slide on these toys and fall over the stairs and cause serious injuries. 

Even you, the babysitter can slip on the toys and hurt yourself too. Therefore, ensure home safety for everyone.

Make sure children don’t play on the stairs. Also, the sharp corners of kitchen cabinets should be covered so they don’t hurt children. If the children are playing from outside, ensure there are no open holes, barbed wires, and any sharp objects or open places that can injure them.

Chemicals and Drugs

Children’s syrups are sweet and they tend to love these. If they are kept within reach, you might find that the little one has drunk the whole bottle of syrup, which is dangerous. To avoid this, drug cupboards should be very high that children cannot reach and preferably under lock and key

Child Care Safety Tips Babysitters Should Know
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Keep an Eye on the Children

Whether children are playing in their bedroom or outside, you need to keep checking on them. You don’t want to get busy in the kitchen only for the child to fall because they were climbing the bookshelf reaching out for their favorite book. 

Also, when they are outside, they can easily go under cars, fall into swimming pools or open the gate and move out. When you are in the mall or the park, it’s better you hold their hand or you risk the child getting lost in shopping stores or parks.

Bottom Line

Babysitting is a fun job when the children under your care are calm and peaceful. But whether calm or not, children will always be children–wanting to explore and figure out things. In the process, they play with potentially dangerous objects that can harm them. 

Therefore, you want to keep an eye on them as they play. Also, don’t allow them to play on stairs ad around sharp objects. Get as much information from parents as possible.