Child Adoption App – Learn How to Download and Use

With the world at your fingertips, it has become possible to do anything and everything from the comfort of your armchair. With the advent of technology, this also includes learning about the process of adopting a child. An app called “The Adoption App” has made it possible for prospective parents.

The application guides the parents in their adoption journey by giving them important information, organizing checklists, and maintaining a schedule for meetings and appointments.

It additionally gives a rundown of sources where new parents can peruse examples of overcoming difficulties and other helpful information regarding adoption and parenting. Let us delve deeper into the easy functioning of this swift mobile app.

Child Adoption App - Learn How to Download and Use

About the App

The app was developed and created by Sharon Simons, an adoptive mother, who ended up experiencing issues exploring her way through the adoption process. This enlivened her to make a portable coordinator and manual for helping other parents in their adoption journey.

This versatile application will direct you through the numerous means and undertakings that should be finished before your domestic or international adoption is affirmed.

Key Features

The application gives you itemized data and documentation for both domestic and international adoption. It is easy to keep your checklist of tasks and documentation that should be finished for the adoption.

What’s more, you will be provided with a horde of resources to keep you educated all through your adoption journey. Also, the calendar permits you to sync your previously existing schedule for the entirety of your adoption-related gatherings and arrangements.

To stay informed about parenthood, you can read articles and success stories on adoption, motherhood and more.

Where to Download?

The Adoption App can be very conveniently downloaded here on Amazon AppsGoogle Play, or on iTunes.

Quick Guide to Use the App

This detailed and easy to use application, is a step-by-step guide to complete the various tasks before getting the domestic or international adoption approved.

Using the option of detailed information and documentation on the Home Screen, the aspiring parents can organize the adoption with detailed checklists of undertakings and documentation.

Easy to Find Information

The information has been compartmentalized in two tabs between the domestic and international adoptions. The app also enables the users to email all the details to themselves, download it to the computer, get the print, and fill out each document. It also sends alerts and keeps track of the status of your application.

Calendar and Regular Information

In addition, the app contains a calendar that syncs with your existing calendar to keep you on time for all of your adoption-related meetings and appointments. It further identifies and offers quick access to a variety of adoption resources.

The Resources tab in the app provides a reservoir of links to articles and success stories on adoption, childcare and parenting. The parents are also given the option to share their riveting and informative adoption-related stories with other parents.

Your Virtual Assistant

Instead of approaching an agency and undergoing the lengthy and confusing process to adopt a child, The Adoption App acts like a personal assistant designed for organizing, scheduling, recording and archiving notes for the adoptive parents.

The app enables the adoptive parents to grow their family without costing a shilling, and get guidance right from the comfort of home. It has made it easier and more convenient for parents to adopt a child.

Child Adoption App - Learn How to Download and Use


The Adoption App can be resourceful and simplify the adoption process for you. It will help you with the confusing process of adoption and provide you indispensable resources on parenting. With the help of this app, you can have your dream come true of having a loving family.