Check Out These Easy Magic Tricks to Do with Children

Magic tricks leave us scratching our heads and make us believe that magic just might be real. Now imagine if you’re a child who knows how to do magic tricks. Wouldn’t that make you feel so powerful. 

Doing magic tricks can make for a great experience for children and are a perfect way for parents to keep the family engaged at home. Magic helps children improve their fine motor skills, memory, rational and critical thinking.

They can also help bring shy children out of their shells. I think we can all agree it’s time for you to show your precious magician how to do magic. Below are simple, enjoyable, and easy magic tricks to do with children.

Check Out These Easy Magic Tricks to Do with Children
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Magical Pepper 

This is a simple magic trick that doesn’t take much preparation and work. You’re going to need some water, regular soap, a cup, and pepper. You will put the pepper and water in a cup.

Nothing changes when you ask someone from the audience to put their fingers into the water to separate the pepper. But when you dip your fingers into the water, the pepper separates.

Where’s the magic? Rub regular soap on your fingers before the presentation. That’s the trick here. The soap will separate the pepper as you dip your fingers into the cup.

Check Out These Easy Magic Tricks to Do with Children
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You can tell your audience that you are going to take a toothpick in your hand and just lose it! You just need some practice to perfect the trick. Clear tape and a toothpick will be necessary for you.

Cut a small piece of tape and stick the toothpick on your thumbnail, so it can’t be viewed from the front. When holding the toothpick vertically, cover the tape so that it appears like you’re just holding the toothpick in your hand.

Say a magic phrase and do a movement using your hand. Then just remove the fingers from the tip and spread open your palm and it won’t reveal the toothpick. If you do it extremely quickly, it’ll seem like vanishing.

Check Out These Easy Magic Tricks to Do with Children
Image source: All for the Boys

Rubber Pencil

This is a classic magic trick that can be done by even the youngest magicians. What you’re going to do is make your wooden pencil appear like rubber. All you have to do is hold it close to the middle and move each side up and down fast.

This makes it look like the pencil is bending in the middle but it is actually an illusion of the eye. This one doesn’t take any special ability, just a ton of practice to get the pace and technique just perfect. For step-by-step instructions, watch the video.

Bend a Spoon

Show your audience how you can magically bend a spoon using only your hands with this easy magic trick. Generally, it is an optical illusion. With both your hands, hold the handle of the spoon like you’re placing pressure on the handle. 

Avoid wrapping your thumb around the handle. Place the bowl tip against the table and pretend to put tremendous pressure on it.

Move your hands down so your audience can see the pressure. Then you hold the spoon in the middle and start moving each side quickly and it will appear to the audience that you bent the spoon. 

Guess Which Coin?

Ask your audience to grab one coin out of many for this trick, and you’ll give the precise date written on that coin by analyzing the mind of the volunteer, without knowing which one they chose. You need 5-6 coins with different dates.

Place the coins all on the table. Turn your back, then, and request a participant to pick one coin from the stack. Ask them to note the date while keeping the coin close in their palms and keep thinking about it.

Then, allow them to put the coin back. Turn around to face your audience again and, keeping them separately, inspect each coin. When you choose the coins, the coin touched is the one that feels the warmest.

Remember the date on it, then close your eyes and, as if you were trying to see something magically, put your hand on your forehead. Then say something like, “Year 2000, I see you” (or, whichever year). Show the viewer the right coin.

Check Out These Easy Magic Tricks to Do with Children
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Nothing makes a kid feel more powerful than baffling adults. You can teach your kids the magic tricks above so they can be the star of the party wherever they go.

Of course, it’s not just about performance but also about having fun and maybe making some magic tricks of their own. Now that kids play games online most of the time, it’s nice to have them play in the physical world too.