Celebrity Moms You Need To Follow On Instagram

Whether we admit it or not, some of us are obsessed with celebrities. We just love to watch them live their lives. They always seem to have it all together, but do they really? Some of these celebrities have nannies and nurses to help take care of their kids.

There are, however, people who are real and have opened themselves up to the world. They show us how real life is for them and the challenging side of being working moms. This is exactly what most of us need, and for this reason, their Instagram accounts have millions of followers.

Most of these followers are moms who just want to have a look at how they are raising their kids and what they do daily. Some of them are pretty great at offering advice and giving tips on common issues, and that is why we love the following celebrity moms.

Celebrity Moms You Need To Follow On Instagram
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Hillary Duff

What most people love about Hillary Duff is that she always keeps it real always on Instagram. She is a mom of two adorable kids and she is always giving her honest reflections on what motherhood is all about.

Some of her honest motherhood reflections are so relatable and it almost feels like you are her best friend.  She posts all sorts of pics, from images at the beach with the kids, to pictures of the cellulite on her thighs. She never holds back.

Busy Phillips

Busy Phillis is a funny mom that keeps it 100% real. Her Instagram feed is usually filled with plenty of parenting antidotes and seems very authentic as she shares her life as a mom of two daughters with the most adorable names – Cricket and Birdie.

One of many people’s favorite incidents was when she put up a video of herself in tears when her daughter lost her teddy bear.

Ashley Graham

If you follow Ashley Graham, then you must have followed her throughout her pregnancy to the birth of her baby. One thing is for sure, love her or hate her, Graham keeps it 100%. She doesn’t shy away from how it feels to be pregnant, or the horrible stretch marks.

The other day she came under fire for posting herself changing her baby in the middle of a grocery store because her baby had a diaper explosion. And really, most of her followers could relate. It happens all the time, and you just have to find a way to change your baby.

Kristin Bell

Now, this is a celeb who everyone should follow. Kristin Bell has no pretense and she shows the world her life with her famous husband and their kids. She is just a down to earth person.

What she loves most are her hilarious parenting moments and the many mistakes she makes. She also helps other mothers with tips on how to do different things, and simply how to have fun with the kids while at home.

She also gives us a peek at her married life with her hubby Dax Shepard. They are such a fun couple who do all sorts of things together. If you are not following Kristin Bell, maybe you should.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is everyone’s favorite. If you are a mom, you can more than relate to everything she goes through raising her two kids. Her Instagram feed is filled with everything you would want to see, from her date nights with her hubby to her playing with the kids, to even cooking for the family.

Following her on Instagram will be the most fun thing you ever do, as you get a glimpse into her life with her famous hubby John Legend who is always featured on her account.

She has often been slammed by haters, but no one can put Chrissy Teigen down. She lives unapologetically. She is her own boss, and as a mom, you will certainly enjoy watching her do what she does best.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is one of the most genuine people on the internet. Her Instagram is filled with some of the sweetest moments any mom would ever have with her kids, and she is fun to follow. She may be a big star, but Garner keeps it real at home.

From cooking tips to parenting tips, she will make you want to just adapt some of her methods in your own home.

Reese Witherspoon

She is America’s sweetheart and is so lovable. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that her Instagram is filled with amazing mommy moments and tips on how to navigate life as a working mom. She is always posting photos of her very cute kids Deacon, Ava, and Tennessee.

Reese is also very generous with her followers and gives them access to all aspects of her life. She also posts plenty of inspirational messages and promotes sharing and reading with her book club picks each month.

Celebrity Moms You Need To Follow On Instagram
Image Source: Wikipedia.org


With celebrities, you really never know what to expect. Some are busy posting nudes, while others are promoting their weird lifestyles, but the above Instagram profiles will make your day and give you parenting tips.