Call of Duty Cold War – Black Ops: Cold War Tips and Tricks

If you are a gamer, you must admit that November has been one of the greatest months for gaming. There have been so many games released this month, and for the CoD lovers, things keep getting better and better.

So, with the release of the new next-gen console, there has been plenty of focus placed on the single-player experience. Although this is brilliant, an extroverted gamer may end up craving some social interactions every now and then.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War is the latest installment in Treyarch’s attempt of taking the FPS genre by storm. Read on to learn some tips and tricks for playing Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War.

Call of Duty Cold War - Black Ops: Cold War Tips and Tricks
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Learn How to Cover Rush

You need to understand that CoD is a franchise that is unforgiving when it comes to rushing. Now, while rushing still has got its place in the game, you will have to adjust to a more cover rush strategy if you wish to succeed.

This means that you shouldn’t rush into the open battlefield. Doing this will guarantee that you will be on the same footing as the aggressor in case of an ambush.

Now, while we are still on this topic, it is preferable that you make use of the head glitch rather than the peak to the left or the right because this will expose a larger portion of your body to the enemy. Just stick to the cover and use it to the detriment of your enemy. 

Try Pre-Firing

This may sound like something for professional players only, but it actually is much easier than it looks, and it also has far more for you to do than anything else. 

After you have played the game for a good amount of time, and you have already experienced the ins and outs of the different multiplayer maps, you will find yourself learning where different chokepoints can be found on the map.

The knowledge will enable you to guess where the players are most likely to be at the start of each game.

Do Not Reload Too Soon

Because this game is fast-paced, you should be expecting an enemy behind every corner. Nothing is worse than thinking that you are in the clear and then reloading, only to end up being surprised by another player.

Now, since you need to reload, camping behind the box is however frowned upon, which means you must avoid such scenarios.

Ensure to Always Be on the Move

You may have already realized that being able to shoot is just one of the pieces in a Cold War Puzzle. Moving around will end up making it more difficult for you to hit your enemies, while standing still will be a sure way of ending up with a bullet on your head.

However, if you are a beginner, you should always ensure that you play as simply as possible and go ahead and ignore all the advanced maneuvers such as slide canceling, jump-shooting, etc. 

Make Sure You Practice Your Sliding Technique

Call of Duty Cold War - Black Ops: Cold War Tips and Tricks
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Since the introduction of the mechanic was just a few years ago, the sliding technique has been available for players to slide across the map so they can avoid as much of the enemy fire as possible. 


Of course, these are just a few tricks you can use when playing the game. Be sure to check out their website for more of these tips, so it can be easy for you to win in the game. However, remember to have fun as you play.