Breastfeeding – Nursing Covers

Hi, as mentioned in the previous post in the next couple of posts I will try to list here the things you will/may need for breastfeeding :

Nursing Covers

Some moms are really comfortable outside while they are feeding their babies; while some others (like me), looking for some privacy while breastfeeding. If you are like me I suggest you to buy or to sew a Nursing CoverBreastfeeding - Nursing Covers for yourself.

I sewed one for myself and It wasn’t difficult at all.

On the other hand; instead of having a nursing cover, you may want to use a blanket for covering yourself.

Well, blankets are also fine but when your baby gets older (like 2-3 months) they start to pull everything. It’s hard to cover up baby while he/she only wants pull the cover. With the nursing cover, you will tight up from your neck so the baby can not pull the cover.

I suggest you to have one. Usually they are about $15 – $20 range.

If you decide to buy; you should check :
the size (you wouldn’t want to end up something small – which is not enough for your baby)
the material / fabric (it will touch your baby’s skin, so soft fabric should be better)

Here are some examples; best selling – top rated and lowest price :


Here are some more nursing cover pictures to give you ideas.