Bottle Feeding – Warmers

Usually we see “Bottle Warmers” in baby registry lists. However, I must say that technically you don’t need a bottle warmer. I had one and (if I’m not mistaken) I used only 1 or 2 times. Mainly because I was breastfeeding (not a real need for a bottle warmer) and when I needed to warm breast milk I used to put the bottle in hot water in a bowl and wait a couple minutes, that’s it.
>However; this doesn’t mean that you won’t use it. If you want to have one, pick a cheaper one because all of them do -basically- the same thing. The price doesn’t mean that works better. Read reviews and then you will get the idea.

One very important tip: Never use a microwave to warm the breastmilk – it kills all the nutrients! If you’re breastfeeding and giving breast milk in a bottle you cannot put that in the microwave – you’ll kill off all the useful antibodies.