Bible App for Kids – Learn How to Download Free

Bible App for Kids is the newest member of the YouVersion app family. The Bible App for Kids is now available for Android smartphones and tablets and is still entirely free. Children experience the big Bible stories through immersive adventures and beautiful animations. 

The Bible App for Kids provides a fun experience so kids are excited to learn more about the Bible and want to continue learning. is a pleasurable experience designed to encourage children to come back again and again. It is the start of a lifelong love of the word of God. 

The Bible App for Kids website provides free tools for parents designed to complement the app, such as coloring pages, activity sheets, and video episodes. Up next, we’re going to tell you more about the app.

Bible App for Kids - Learn How to Download Free
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Overview of the App has free church tools, such as the Bible App for Kids Curriculum, a full two-year course for children aged two through kindergarten featuring video episodes and activities; original, license-free music; and leader guides and training videos. 

The Bible Storybook for kid’s Bible App features 35 favorite Bible stories, fun illustrations, and questions for discussion. Segments between stories direct young people on their quest to get closer to God and to understand the greater meaning of the Word of God. 

Children will enjoy reading of the trust of Abraham, the boldness of Elijah, the bravery of Esther, the compassion of Jesus, the faithful service of Paul, and more! 

The engaging stories, informative illustrations, and family-friendly discussion questions from the Bible App for Kids in Bible Storybook can help you to build God-focused family time, whether at bedtime, for family devotions, or only as a fun read-aloud time.

Importance of Having This App 

Lifelong Lessons 

As young as they are, we believe it’s crucial to teach your kid about the significant issues they can face in life and how to deal with it. Bible stories feature various struggles faced by different individuals and how they overcame them. These stories will serve as essential life lessons that your child will always take with them.

Learning the Bible Will Strengthen Kids 

You want to help your kids grow up to be healthy individuals who can face whatever obstacles life throws at them. By learning the Bible, we encourage them to place their trust and confidence in the Lord, and to have the courage to resolve any obstacle that they can face now or in the future with Him by their side. 

The Bible Will Guide Them 

Impressionable young children need guidance and teaching them valuable lessons in life through stories from the Bible can help. The Bible’s commandments, teachings, and words may be important guidelines that may help keep them from going astray.

There are many occasions in life where we face challenges where the road before us appears uncertain. The stories told in the app can help children feel more confident about what decisions they should take. 

How to Download the App for Free

For Android users, the Bible App for Kids asks for reading or write access to your SD card because that’s where the app stores the stories you want to download on your computer. 

The Bible App demands access to the account list of a computer to help you send Push Notifications to older versions of Android. The app’s analytics package makes use of approximate locations to help them learn where their app is famous.   

The knowledge is used primarily at the aggregate level, not at the individual level. They will not sell any personal information you have without your permission, nor will they share it. Their privacy policy can be read here

The app is available for download using this link for Android users. On the other hand, iOS users can also download the app by using this link. All versions are free. 

Bible App for Kids - Learn How to Download Free
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A child is never too young to learn of creation, of the love of God, of Jesus, and of the many beautiful stories of the Bible. You don’t have to tell the stories in any order as each one is displayed as a standalone story. If you follow the Bible and want your kids to understand it too, this app is for you.