What Are the Best Relationship Apps for Couples? See Here

It can be hard to maintain a relationship for so long, and we especially can’t deny how hard it can be when away from your partner. The quest for connectivity doesn’t end at “I do”, and if you think it does, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. 

If you could use a bit more fire in your relationship or maybe even a bit more organization, you can try some of the mobile apps for couples. Read on to find out which are the best.

Grab your phone and try out these couples apps. Sometimes having a relationship makes you think outside the box; you have nothing to lose

What Are the Best Relationship Apps for Couples? See Here

Marriage Counseling – Lasting 

Available for most smartphones, this app gets to know you and your partner and also gets to understand the relationship. They create a program just for the two of you, giving you a very powerful conflict and connection series. 

The app is based on decades of research and more than 125 research studies to improve communication and love for each other. It creates a language you both understand and repairs the emotional connection with simple sessions giving you the right tools to build your relationship.

Developing Relationships – Gottman’s Card Decks 

This app can help you communicate in a new different way, especially in moments when you don’t even know how. There are a lot of unexpected ways to bring you closer to your significant other with great conversation starters. 

Gottman’s Card Decks was inspired by the card decks from the science and subtle art of love. To give you an idea about what it may be, this app has statements, questions, and even awesome ideas for growing your relationship

It is based on relationships, developing a series of questions based on their marriage and pairing theory.

Deepen Connection – Relish 

It can be a real eye-opener to what your partner might want and need, considering your attachment styles and relationship dynamic. 

At Relish, they believe your relationship has the same needs as your physical and emotional health. They all need regular work to stay in peak condition. You could be in a great and healthy relationship but maintaining it is key.

They have made a micro-learning strategy, which means you’re doing different exercises every day. You can start off by talking about the importance of conversation and how everyday routines and discussions can get in the way of a deep connection.

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Relationship Reminder – Emi

What started out as a popular text bot that would send out daily reminders to perform small, quick tasks has evolved into a full-fledged reminder app. While Emi is free, it has some surprisingly robust features, and offers the same service as its previous versions, but now with push notifications. 

Along with its daily reminders, the app provides you with scientific context and research behind each exercise that it suggests, as well as an extensive discovery tab. Emi is the ideal app for partners that want to improve their relationship on a budget. 

The app is far less powerful and in-depth as, say, Lasting or Relish, but is a fantastic way to test out whether you’re comfortable with app-based intimacy. There are a couple of minor bugs still present within the app, but then again, it has just launched, so they are bound to be resolved soon.

Unfortunately, Emi is only available for iOS devices, so Android users are going to have to wait for the developers to release it for the Android platform, if they ever decide to do that. 

What Are the Best Relationship Apps for Couples? See Here


Needing to improve or spice things in your relationship doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong. Sometimes it’s just better to improve the communication, sex, and emotional support, maybe even a change in your routine. 

These kinds of games may not have become popular yet but may grow in popularity since the younger generation is looking for ways in which they can maintain relationships.

Maybe take the time to check out an app or two with your partner, and you could improve small things that you had no idea needed improving. You may even learn how to avoid relationships that may have led to a hurtful breakup down the line.