Best Mommy YouTube Channels To Follow

People say that “it takes a village,” and isn’t it so true? Being a mother is not a simple task. You have to know all sorts of things and learn how to be strong and in control at all times. Kids assume that their mommies know everything.

Getting a little advice here and there is what makes you good at the mom job. Thankfully, there are plenty of sources of information all over the internet that you can use. But do keep in mind that sometimes this is not always accurate, and relying on Google 100% may cause more harm than good.

That is the reason why mommy YouTube channels are the best option for mommies.  This is because they are created by mothers who, in most cases, talk about their experiences. This is where you learn what to do and what not to do.

Best Mommy YouTube Channels To Follow
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Learn from the experiences of these women, and apply them so you can be a great mom. Experience really is the best teacher, and that is why we are highlighting some of the best mommy YouTube Channels you should be following right now.

The Parenting Channel

If your goal is to be the most creative mommy on the block, then this will turn out to be one of your favorite YouTube channels. It was created by Vida Urbonas, who is a famous TV host and a 12-time Emmy winner.

The page has many creative videos such as fun healthy foods, kids crafts, hairstyle tutorials, etc. for your little one. Plus there are plenty of tips on child parenting on the channel. You will be in great company if you follow this page, and with more than 41 million views on their videos, you certainly cannot go wrong.

The St. Louis Children’s Hospital YouTube Channel

Well, if you are going to follow a YouTube channel, you cannot go wrong by choosing a hospital channel. The St. Louis Children’s hospital is a great resource center, especially for first-time parents.

They have plenty of amazing videos for you to watch like how to teach your kids to play safely in the pool, how to place your baby correctly in the car seat, and some excellent advice on how to raise your kids. The channel also features some trained professional doctors who give brilliant advice.

The Mom’s View YouTube Channel

This will certainly become the go-to YouTube channel for new moms. It features inspirational videos from moms and is specifically targeted for new moms. Some of the content included is some kid-friendly meal ideas, must-know parenting tips, and easy crafts.

Their videos have more than 116 million views. These moms have very faithful followers who have learned plenty about parenting and how tough pregnancies can be.

Smart Parenting

This started as a magazine and then turned into the most popular YouTube channel for parents to learn how to raise healthy and happy kids. They feature new content each week for you to watch. You may end up spending plenty of hours on the page just being consumed by the videos on how to raise your baby.

High-Energy Parenting YouTube Page

This channel’s main plan is to help parents live their lives full of energy, healthy, love, and passion. It focusses on living a healthy life that is filled with plenty of exercise and food. You will also find plenty of great parenting advice from the videos as well.

Watch videos on how to release worrying feelings, how to make your kids do the things you want them to do without them having a meltdown, and how to increase your kid’s will power.

There are many different types of videos for you to enjoy. If you feel like you are getting a little tired and rundown from having had a baby, then this page will tell you how you can start feeling like yourself once again.


This YouTube channel is for the modern parent. It posts a variety of content each week and these can range from documentaries on parents to birthing stories to simply parenting advice. Some of their most popular videos that have had more than 121 million views are on breastfeeding, coping with a baby’s constant crying, potty training tips, etc.

This is a channel that parents love as it deals with the issues they are currently going through. Therefore, if you wish to learn new tips and tricks about parenthood, log on to this YouTube page, and you will start sailing through motherhood.

Best Mommy YouTube Channels To Follow
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One of the most stressful times in people’s lives is navigating through being a new parent. It is filled with anxiety, uncertainty, and a sense of fear, that you are doing something wrong. Having a YouTube page where you can learn the different ways of being a mom, and how to best deal with everyday issues can be great for almost everyone dealing with this.