Best Conception Date Calculator App

When it comes to your fertility, there are some dates that are better than others to get pregnant and now a best conception date calculator app can help you.  You must consider so much information when trying to get pregnant. And there actually is a right time to conceive. 

There are plenty of apps currently available that you can use to give you this information. They usually require you to feed them with some personal information, such as your body temperature, and the date of your last period, so they can calculate when you are most likely to get pregnant.

One of these apps we will be talking about is the Ovulation Calendar & Fertility app. But first, it is important to understand fertility, and why you must time it perfectly to get a high chance of conceiving. 

Best Conception Date Calculator App
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When Is The Best Time To Conceive?

This is what is known as “your fertility window.” It refers to a couple of days in your cycle when you are most likely to get pregnant. The fertility window usually depends on your menstrual cycle and varies from woman to woman.

The fertility window starts from the five days before your egg has been released from your ovarian wall. Having sex when you are ovulating, during this time gives you the highest changes of getting pregnant.

Important Fertility Facts

When a mature egg has been released, you are ovulating. This egg then moves on to the Fallopian tube and waits to be fertilized. If a sperm is found in the Fallopian tube, then the egg will be fertilized. This then creates an embryo.

Pregnancy is therefore only possible if you happen to have sex in the five days before ovulation starts or on the first day of ovulation. But, the most fertile days are the days that lead up to and including the ovulation days.

After ovulation, you are no longer able to get pregnant, and this is as soon as 24 hours after ovulation, during the menstrual cycle the egg is no longer in the Fallopian tube. There is almost no chance at all of getting pregnant if you have sex right before or after your fertile days. 

However, there have been some surprises for most people who have gotten pregnant out of their fertile days. Therefore if you are not really trying to get pregnant, do not use these methods to prevent pregnancy. Just rely on contraceptives to control this.

The Ovulation Calendar & Fertility App Review

This app helps you know your most fertile days. If you want to get pregnant faster, then this is a reliable way of calculating your ovulation period. It has actually been proven to increase the chances of getting pregnant by up to 3 times, even for people who have an irregular menstrual cycle.

How does the app work?

The app predicts your ovulation using the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM). This is a method used to predict your best fertile days by using your cervical mucus, your period days, and your Basal Body Temperature (BBT). These are the most important factors to consider with fertility, and that is why it gives you three times more chances of conceiving.

Health tracking

The monthly calendar on the app also tells you about your daily chances of getting pregnant and the most peak fertile days. It will track your temperature, CM, intercourse, weight, symptoms, moods, PMS Etc.

You can record your pregnancy and ovulation tests on the app, and have a look at the innovative charts that will help you better manage your reproductive health so you can get pregnant fast. 

They also have plenty of tips and articles on fertility, pregnancy, menstrual reproductive health, ovulation etc. which can help you better manage your conception days.

Best Conception Date Calculator App
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For you to conceive, you must always ensure that you have sex at the best time, which is during your fertility window. If you follow the steps laid out on the app, then you will be able to accurately predict the best time to get pregnant.