Best Apps to Buy and Sell Used Maternity Clothes

The joy pregnancy brings also comes with its expenses, like with any life-altering experience. Among many expenses, having to buy a whole new clothes to accommodate your growing baby bump is one. There are maternity clothes for nearly every trimester, if not more often.

Eventually, you end up with a whole bunch of clothes that you do not need later. So, what do you do with all of them? You can’t just throw them out, because they are not used much and can benefit someone else in need.

So here is an option to well-utilize your previously-worn maternity clothes – find apps where you can sell them. If you are about to be a mother, you can also use these apps to buy these pre-loved maternity clothes.

These apps are actually online stores offering you the option to buy and sell what you already have, in a sort of exchange system. Here’s are a few apps that you can consider.

Best Apps to Buy and Sell Used Maternity Clothes


This app is one of the world’s largest and best thrift stores. It has more than 30,000 brand items and has a wide variety of clothes ranging from kids clothes to maternity wear. They also have plenty of sizes and jewelry to match with clothes.

You can also sell your clothes that you have outgrown on the app. To do this, you simply need to request for a ‘clean out’ bag and then fill it up with some high-quality branded pieces.

Once thredUP has received your shipped items, you will be notified on the ones they have accepted, and when can you expect your payout.

They usually accept at least 40% of all the items they receive from their customers, while the rest are donated or recycled responsibly.

The RealReal

If you are looking to part with some of your clothes, including maternity wear, then this can be your go to app. You are likely to earn some good money from your branded clothes, even though it’s not the same as what you paid for them.

All you have to do is simply mail them your items by use of a prepaid label or take them physically to one of their luxury consignment offices and drop them off. They also offer a free in-home pick-up if you live in specific areas.

The RealReal is also partners with GOOD+ Foundation. The items which cannot be sold are donated to help the less fortunate.


This is usually the first stop for most people looking to let go of their used clothes. Maternity clothes are found on eBay in plenty, so you can never go wrong.

Not only does this site give you complete control as a seller where you take pictures and upload them, but you also get to choose the price you wish to sell your clothes for.

There is also a bidding option that allows you to set a minimum price on the products you are selling. It also gives buyers the option to bid on your items.

This comes with a set time, and the bidder with the highest bid buys the product when the bidding expires.


This app has an online store that was created exclusively for women whose mission is to make fashionable items easy to resell. The buyers usually send the money to the Tradesy account which can then be transferred to your debit card, PayPal or checking account if your products are bought.

It has a sleek interface for sellers to share, snap and sell their beloved maternity clothes and other clothes they want to sell to minimize their wardrobe.

You can also pass along some of these garments to someone else and exchange with what they have to offer.

If a buyer wants to return an item, the team handles it without much fuss, as long as the listing was accurate and honest. The best part though, is that as a seller you get to keep up to 80% of all sales.

Best Apps to Buy and Sell Used Maternity Clothes
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With a newborn on the way, it is wise to make both space and money by selling your pre-loved clothes. So get as creative as possible and check out these apps to see what works best for you.