Best Apps For Labor And Delivery Advice

If you are pregnant and wondering how to get the best labor and delivery advice, you’ll be happy to know the answer is in the palm of your hand.There are numerous out there dedicated to your labor and delivery. These apps give you tips and tricks to make the whole process easier. 

Of course you have to get some medical information from your doctor as well. But since you cannot be talking to a doctor all the time, make the following apps we are going to talk about your friends. These apps will tell you everything, from when your baby is the size of a little avocado in your stomach, to when they are the size of a cauliflower. 

They will also explain what is happening during each trimester, give you advice on what to do at each stage and even during delivery. Monitoring your baby’s growth and the changes to your pregnancy is a great way of knowing what to expect, and also preparing yourself for what is to come. 

Best Apps For Labor And Delivery Advice
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Web-MD, is one of the most trusted apps around, but there are plenty of other apps you can use on a daily basis. Well, you shouldn’t use just any app either, but with the list we have outlined below, you will be better able to make sense o what’s to come. 

What To Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

This is what most people call “the pregnancy bible”, What to Expect When You Are Expecting has been read by numerous  pregnant mothers and now there is an app for it. It still remains one of the best sources for labor and delivery information.

It has plenty of information that is both relevant and relatable. The app has top personalized tracking of your pregnancy that tells you when you are about to go into labor, and what to expect during the delivery process. This app is considered one of the best and it is doctor approved, plus you can find it on both IOS as well as Android devices. 

WebMD Pregnancy

This is the go-to source for everyone, not just pregnant mothers. WebMD always contains solid information about health and helps people understand what to expect from their bodies and what is happening in their bodies as well.

For pregnancy, labor and delivery advice, keep it close by, and download their pregnancy app so they can give you a step-by-step progress on how things will happen for you. The beauty of the app is that it will take you through it and even after delivery, you can still keep using the app.

With it you can get to understand the signs of labor, what you should do when it happens, when it is false labor and even the process of birth and delivery. Additionally, you can log on to the app and ask questions directly to a doctor. 

The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

This app comes with a really great 3D imaging of how your baby is developing through each week. You also have the option of asking questions and getting some real answers from the staff at Bump, other moms and experts.

They will take you through your pregnancy, labor and even delivery with some amazing advice that you need during this time. Any worries and fears you may have had as a soon to be mother are waylaid by their experts and easy going attitude, that makes you know that you’ve got this.

Pregnancy Assistant

This is a simple to use app with an excellent interface that does exactly what the name suggests – it is your pregnancy assistant. The app keeps track of your baby’s development, contractions and movements and goes with you all the way into labor.

It is ad-free, which you will appreciate and enables you to always know what is going on. The app is extremely helpful for women, from getting pregnant to delivery. It costs $0.99 to get it on your IOS phone.

Baby Names

This app is for all moms-to-be and it gets you through your pregnancy easily. The app offers help for all the big stages of your pregnancy and guides you through to labor and delivery, with some excellent tips on what to do and how to handle it.

Since most moms have to go through the name-picking stage of their pregnancy, the app is there for you as well. They give you ideas for great names for your baby, which includes their origins, and their meanings as well, so you do not just pick any name out of the box.

It is certainly an all-rounded app for any pregnant mom.

Best Apps For Labor And Delivery Advice
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Pregnancy can be hard at times, but with these apps, it is easier to understand and manage. When you know what to expect, and have people who tell you how it’s all going to happen, worries and fears decrease. And you definitely want to be relaxed and happy for when baby gets here.