Best Apps For Children: Educational Games And Music

Kids love and need to play, and what better way for them to learn how to play than through music. Fun and educational games teach kids to learn in a very easy way. If you want to download some great educational apps for your kids, you’re in the right place.

From an early age, kids are introduced to many melodies, music, and tunes, which end up being significant to their mental, physical and emotional development. Later on in school, educational music is usually used as an efficient tool to help kids learn and memorize information.

Therefore, when you encourage your child to love music, you are essentially setting them up for success in all areas of their lives. Let’s take a look at some great apps you can download on your phone for you and your kid to have fun.

Best Apps For Children: Educational Games And Music
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Music With Grandma App

This app offers a diverse set of activities and games that engage your child to learn. It exposes them to a wide variety of instruments used for music. The kids usually learn basic concepts such as note values, rest duration, and the musical scale.

The app also introduces the kids to the names of different musical instruments and how they are played. It also includes seven different games for each concept to explain each in a fun way.

Little Fox Music Box App

This is a fantastic music app that comes with nursery rhymes in both German and English. There is also a Karaoke mode that turns off the voice-over and lets the kid sing along to the music.

It is a beautiful music box that is bound to make your kids super excited, with classics such as Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Evening Song, and London Bridge.

There are more than a hundred interactive elements that your children will enjoy discovering. Also, there is a music studio for them to make their own songs. This app is so much fun!

Animal Band – Music Time App

This app is available on your iPhone. It features very beautiful music games that encourage young children to explore music by listening to their favorite nursery rhymes and the most popular kid’s songs.

The interesting part is that the animals making up the bands are usually asleep and the kids have to wake them up so they can start to sing or play the instruments.

These animals, however, have a limited time before they can fall asleep again, so the child has to be super observant to keep them awake at all times.

MentalUP Educational Games App

This app exposes kids to new types of problems and how they can solve them through thinking. The games are easy to understand and they challenge and enhance problem-solving skills. Each of the games on the app starts with a short instruction before the timed exercises begin.

The kids or their parents can easily set up the app and make it biased towards helping them learn specific skills. The reports page provides an accomplishments record and progress of the child.

The player avatar can also be upgraded with items such as cosmetics by spending some money to make your little child enjoy the app even more.

Coco – Educational Games App

This is an easy-to-use educational game program that features multiple brain trainer activities such as children’s math games that feature mental math and memory-related games, and children’s puzzles.

The kids can scroll through the many games which include Simili, Color Form, Hunting Intruders, Quizzes, Crazy Waterfall, Bouncing Ball, Hangman, and Carnival of Animals, Color Mind, The Musical Ear, Puzzle Plus, Calculus, Syllabus, Shooting Stars, Silly Sequence and Chessboard.

Curious World App

This is the Play, Learn, Grow app that is an early learning platform for kids who are between the ages of two and seven. It gives them the freedom to explore their interests and builds on their self-confidence. There are hundreds of games, videos, books for the kids to use.

Additionally, it is packed with activities to educate and entertain children. It is basically a one-stop-shop for a whole lot of entertainment and educational activities that are safe and appropriate for kids.

Best Apps For Children: Educational Games And Music
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When it comes to using the internet, you really want your kids to be safe. As such, most parents will look for apps or sites that can help their kids and not corrupt their minds. The apps we talked about above do just that. They teach your kids many things through fun games and music.