Best App To Track Your Pregnancy Diet

When you are pregnant, everything is critical but especially food, that’s why you need to track your pregnancy diet. The foods you eat, the drugs you take, and even how you spend your days. Everything should all be geared towards ensuring the safety of your baby. 

Keeping track of your diet while pregnant therefore is very important, and since this is usually a time that comes with lots of cravings, women can find themselves eating junk food. The problem with unhealthy eating during pregnancy is two-fold, the health of your baby, and your health can suffer.

It can cause your weight to shoot up to unmanageable levels, and you’re probably going to want to get rid of the weight fast after you deliver. So the more you’ve got on, the harder it will be to take off. We’ve looked into apps for you and found one that will help you and your baby get the right kinds of nutrients from your diet. 

Best App To Track Your Pregnancy Diet
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So, the Wholesome App, is all about being healthy while pregnant. Using the app helps you understand where you should increase your food intake, and where you should reduce or keep it the same. You can therefore track of what you eat, and slowly progress towards a healthy eating goal.

Keeping Track Of Your Nutrients

The app focuses mostly on micronutrients for a pregnant woman. The Wholesome app tracks 90 of the most vital nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, omega-3 and more. It easily spots where there have been gaps in your daily intake and tries to help you correct them.

Track Your Folate Intake

You should pay attention to folate levels during pregnancy. Wholesome ensures that you get what you need by tracking your intake towards the recommended 600 mcg of folate – or folic acid.

After you download the app, you should update your profile and keep it at “pregnant.” It will then set the goal for every day. You can also customize the goal as per the doctor’s recommendations on the app as well for them to track it for you.

Why Folic Acid?

When you first tell the doctor that you are pregnant, they immediately put you on supplements with folic acid. The reason this is one of the most important minerals for pregnant women as that it protects the baby against tube defects.

Doctors actually recommend that women who are in child bearing age should start taking it to start preparing for their pregnancies. Folate is available from natural foods such as broccoli, asparagus, and avocado. This is what the app shall be able to keep track of. How much of these foods you are eating. 

In fact, this natural form of the acid is much safer and better for you than synthetic supplements. Most people usually have a genetic variation gene that makes it difficult to metabolize folic acid, and this is why it is usually given in the form of supplements. 

Knowing What To Eat

Other than the mineral tracking, Wholesome tells you what you should eat, and when you should eat it. For pregnant women, the key is to ensure that you eat many small, healthy meals as often as possible, so you can keep your cravings at bay.

You can easily use the app for recipes that are nutrient filled, and can be used to fill any gaps in your diet. It tracks your daily intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins, vegetables and fruits. It shall also suggest for you the best recipes to match with your needs. 

If you are not getting enough vitamin C, for example, it will alert you of this and tell you which foods you should try and how to cook them.

Your Baby’s Progress

Now, not only does the app help you with your diet, but it also keeps track of your baby’s progress and tells you what is happening in your body each week. When you know what is happening with your baby, you will also know what to eat in order to help the baby grow healthy each day.

There are specific foods you can eat to help the baby with things such as brain development, bone structure, body development, etc. This is why you must follow their suggestions to the letter if you want to have a healthy baby.

Best App To Track Your Pregnancy Diet
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This app was created by a cancer survivor who wanted to help people with their diets. She consulted various doctors who gave her ideas of what to do at each stage of pregnancy, and currently the app has more than 250,000 downloads. They’ve also got great customer reviews which means other moms-to-be have found this app helpful for their pregnancies.