Bath time – yuppieee

Hi again…

Most probably you will not wash your little one right away after coming home from hospital, but as I always say ‘it’s good to be prepared’. So, let’s see what do we need for newborn bath :

A. Bath Tubs

B. Bath Toys

C. Towels

D. Baby Skin Care

As you have noticed, this one is much shorter list than the previous ones. At the end of the day, what do we need to wash our babies? Most of the cases, just water is enough to clean their sensitive skin – especially at the beginning (and we need a towel, too – right? 🙂 )… The others are just extra material which makes our life a little easier and maybe makes our baby more comfortable.

Once I’ll start going into details, you will have some example products that I’ve used. So, please stay tuned 😉