My Baby Doesn’t Want To Eat – What Should I Do?

If you are a mom, you may have experienced some trouble during feeding times with your baby. It’s uncanny how almost all moms go through this. Some days you find the baby is perfectly okay and eating as required, and other days the baby will just not eat at all.

When it comes to eating, babies are a little hard to predict. Picky eating behavior is typical in kids. The only problem that comes with it is a frustrated mother. For this reason, we have come up with a few things you can do to keep your frustrations to a minimum.

Some of the reasons why your baby may not want to eat could be that the food just doesn’t look appetizing to them, they could be having discomfort in their bodies, you may be trying to introduce a new food, or they may simply not be hungry. Do not try to feed your child at this point. Instead, look for alternatives such as milk or fruit they like.

My Baby Doesn't Want To Eat - What Should I Do?
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Here’s What You Should Do If Your Baby Doesn’t Want To Eat

Be Patient

Patience is key. While this is extremely frustrating, you must learn to control your frustrations. Look for ways to motivate him to eat such as offering new foods, not giving up, and trying to come up with new recipes for your baby.

Change The Feeding Times

You may be feeding your baby food at the wrong time. If your baby has just had some milk, then chances are that they are not hungry, so try again at a different time. You might be surprised that they will feed better the next time.

Change The Food

Some kids are just picky. Look at what you are feeding your baby and maybe change to different food. The key to finding out what your baby likes is trying new things. As you keep feeding them different meals, you will be surprised to find that they have a favorite meal that they will eat without being fussy.

Make Feeding Times Family Time

Make feeding times a family affair, and let everyone eat at the same time. There is usually strength in numbers and if you are all eating at the same time, chances are that your baby will eat too.

How To Make Feeding Times Pleasant

Give Your Baby a Heads Up

Let them know that it’s almost time for food. You could give them a few minutes to prepare, by getting them on the right chair, and giving them the fork. This way, they know it’s almost time to eat.

Come Up With A Routine

Have a routine for all meals and even write it down for the baby. When you set regular feeding times, the baby’s tummy will automatically get hungry when the time to eat comes. As such, you will find them eating freely without any coercion.

Should You Feed Them Snacks If They Are Fussy Eaters?

Yes. Every day, ensure that your child eats three meals, and at least two snacks. Toddlers usually do not eat enough food during meal times, and they may not wait until the next meal. Give them small but healthy snacks which include things such as yogurt, low-fat cheese, slices of lean turkey, apples, strawberries, peanut butter, and crackers.

Give the baby a snack every couple of hours, but if you are in the process of preparing their meal, then just skip the snack altogether so you do not mess with their appetite. When kids are hungry, they are highly likely to eat well.

A Few Points To Note

Never Force A Child To Complete The Food On their Plate

When your baby is no longer hungry, do not force them to clean the plate. Making them eat too much even when they are no longer hungry can seriously affect their cues. When they tell you they are full, accept it and let them go. When you give them the freedom to choose when to eat, they learn how to listen to their bodies and make healthy choices, even in the future when you are not around.

Do Not Negotiate Or Bribe Them To Eat

Well, this is a bit hard; especially for mothers with poor eaters. It is so easy to tell your baby that if they finish their food you will give them a cookie or candy, but according to experts, this is wrong. Also, threatening them with punishment or taking away their favorite things just isn’t the right thing to do when trying to get your baby to eat either.

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Eating is a problem that almost all parents experience, but if you follow our simple tips, things may not end up being too bad. Simply ensure that your baby enjoys what they are being fed and that they are hungry