How To Apply For A JCPenney Credit Card For Extra Benefits

JCPenney offers two different credit cards that are issued by Synchrony Bank; Their basic credit card and the more advanced MasterCard. Potential cardholders actually do not get to choose the card they will receive.

Currently, the credit cards can be used for all sorts of purchases at JCPenney, Sephora stores,,, Rite Aid as well. The card, however, cannot be used to make purchases at any stand-alone Sephora store.

The perks of the card include a double member rewards point which is one point for each dollar spent at JCPenney. Members who do not have a JCPenney card earn a point for every $2, which means that you are essentially earning double as a cardholder.

How To Apply For A JCPenney Credit Card For Extra Benefits
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Other benefits include a $10 certificate for every 200 points you earn. This one is pretty great because if you are a frequent shopper, it is very easy to make the 200 points.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of being a JCPenney member is access to special financing for specific products such as furniture, major appliances, fine jewelry, and mattresses. This financing also comes with excellent terms that can range from 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.

Applying For A JCPenney Card Online

It is very easy to apply for this card online. You just have to follow the following steps.

  • Visit the JCPenney application site for credit cards.
  • Provide your personal information such as your annual income, whether or not you rent your own home, your social security number, etc. Also, if you are over 21 years, you can include household income, such as rental income.
  • Choose the options of what you want. You can choose to receive electronic payments or add an authorized user for the card when signing up for security purposes.
  • Finally click on “Continue,” to complete the process.

It is possible to be instantly approved and receive the card in under 10 business days. After approval, you can use your card after 24 hours, and all you need to do is carry a photo ID to the customer service personnel of the JCPenney store.

They will give you a temporary card to use as you wait for the official card in the mail. Some applications may take longer to approve, but JCPenney will contact you within 10 days.

Can You Apply In-Store?

You can visit any JCPenney store and apply for the credit card in-person with one of their customer care members. The information you need for application is the same as for online applications. This is however convenient if you will be in the store anyway.

Use the JCPenney Store Locator, to find a store near you, or call their customer support at 800-542-0800 for more assistance.

They also offer special sign-up bonuses on the card. If you are approved, you also get 15% off sign-up bonuses, whether you applied online or in-store. This is, however, for all the purchases you make on the same day.

Your credit line for the card depends on the strength of your application and your income level. They also consider your credit history when deciding this. Also, you can request an increase or decrease of the credit line later on.

How To Get Approved Easily

Although you really do not need a very high credit score to qualify for the JCPenney credit card, you must keep track of your score all the times. This is because people with high credit scores tend to receive the highest limits and the best rates.

Also, reviewing your credit report helps you identify errors that can be removed to improve the score. Contact the credit bureaus with these errors and get them corrected before your score goes below the required level.

How To Apply For A JCPenney Credit Card For Extra Benefits
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Since the card you receive is under the discretion of the company, it is important to always have your credit information up to date so you can receive the best card.

The information related to the JCPenney MasterCard is actually very hard to find online, but the perks of the card are assumed to be better than those of the basic card.

JCPenney basically maximizes your rewards if you shop at their stores. If you can repay the balances each month on time, you will not be charged any interest. Their interest is high, at 26.99%, so try to pay before the due date.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.