Application to Watch Free Movies on Cell Phone – Learn How to Download

Movie theaters are becoming a thing of the past, especially since it’s so easy to stream movies and watch them on your cell phone for free. Instead of stepping out, and being stuck in a small seat among strangers, you can lie in your couch and enjoy the movie watching experience.

There are plenty of streaming sites online, but only few enable you to use your phone. In this review, we showcase one of the most popular streaming apps that you can download on phone to watch your favorite movies!

This app is free and has great variety to offer in genres like drama, action and comedy. Your phone must however have enough memory space to accommodate the app. Read on to find more in detail.

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Tubi – Free Movies & TV Shows

Tubi is a free app that will help you enjoy thousands of hit TV series and movies on your phone. It is 100% above board, which means that you do not have to worry about getting caught doing something illegal on your phone.

Please note that it contains ads, which is a small price to pay for a free app. It is also one of the largest free streaming sites around, and has some award winning shows on their list.


The app features all sorts of genres that you may be interested in. They have comedy, kid’s shows, dramas, action, Korean shows, British series and movies, anime, etc. All you need to do is – go to Play Store or App Store and download the app.

All the shows on the app are in HD, and each week they add new shows and new episodes for TV series. You will practically never run out of something to watch. Their main goal is to have as many categories as possible.

Main Features

HD Movies

You can choose from the best HD movies starring the biggest Hollywood stars such as Ryan Reynolds, Will Smith, Jackie Chan, and many more. You get a taste of Hollywood on your phone, and if you have a favorite actor/actress, you can simply search for their movies using their names.

There are plenty of other categories to choose from, and new hidden gems that you can discover all the time. These include top watched shows, top IMDB shows among others. This feature helps if you do not know what you wish to watch.

New Additions Each Day

Tubi adds new content daily. If a TV series has a new episode, you’ll be able to find it on Tubi. Additionally, you get to search and browse new additions section, where you can find something you have never watched before.

Watch on the Big Screen

If you want to watch a movie on the big screen, all you have to do is connect using Chromecast or Airplay. This allows you to connect your device to the TV. Chromecast, Roku devices or Apple TV offer this feature.

You can also connect your Xbox, PlayStation or Amazon Fire TV with your phone and enjoy what you want to watch.

Old Shows

Have you ever wanted to re-watch some good old shows like ‘I Love Lucy’, ‘Three’s Company’, etc.? There are plenty of old shows for you to choose from on Tubi. With this app, you will not be bored staying at home.

Whenever you feel the need to watch a favorite show or a classic, you can rest assured you will find it on the app.

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Can you imagine that two decades earlier the only way you could watch movies at home was by renting a video cassette? If the movie was bad, you were stuck with it for the whole night!

Today, apps like Tubi have changed that. With this app, you can watch quality content, with just a few taps on your phone.