Application to Monitor Menstruation – Download for Free

Knowing your menstrual cycle certainly comes in handy when you’re going to your doctor’s appointment and, of course, when it comes to tracking changes in your cycle or possible abnormalities that come your way. One of the best ways to do this is with the help of a cycle tracker. 

With technology at its best and brightest today, you’re guaranteed to have an app for everything you’ve ever wanted – including an application to monitor menstruation. While using traditional pen and paper may have worked, it certainly isn’t the most convenient method out there. 

If you’re looking for a handy dandy app that does all of this without the hassle, look no further than the Flo Period Tracker. With this in your arsenal, you can certainly be on top of what’s going on in your body. 

Application to Monitor Menstruation – Download for Free

App Highlight: Flo Health & Period Tracker: My Ovulation Calendar

The Flo Health & Period Tracker: My Ovulation Calendar app is a female health and well-being guide that helps users not only to monitor their cycle but also track fertility windows and even their pregnancy in an accurate manner. It also tracks users’ sleep cycles, water intake, and many others. 

Co-created and developed by more than 80 leading health and medical experts and a partner of the United Nations Population Fund, the Flo period tracker is one of the leading period tracker apps in the market, with over 140 million women worldwide reportedly using this creation in over 30 countries.

With its free simple calendar available to use for free, this app has made it easier for women to monitor their cycles and periods effectively, alongside the various changes in their bodies and emotions. 

This allows users to log and track their cycles, the intensity of their menstruation, their weight, weight gain, basal temperature, and other symptoms, which is particularly helpful for those who have irregular periods. 

Great Features

The Flo period tracker works to help women understand their bodies better by giving them accurate cycle predictions based on the calendar within the app. This is also useful for those working to determine their ovulation cycle and their fertility window to get pregnant. 

This is a user-friendly app that not only features beautiful and engaging graphics, but also one that is incredibly helpful for users. It features an extensive library of articles to further knowledge, as well as graphs to analyze and present your menstrual flow. It also gives reminders for those on their period and those taking medication and or contraception.

One of the main features that this program has is it’s Secret Chats’ function where individuals can safely and anonymously ask and discuss different intimate topics that give them more insight and support about what they are going through. 

How The Flo App Works

Available for download on both Android and iOS devices, the Flo period tracker simply by helping women log and track their menstrual cycles and identify the body’s patterns. 

To use this application to monitor menstruation, simply install this on your device and tap on ‘Track My Cycle.’ Then, select the date you last had your period, the average length of your cycle, and the like. 

After logging in your period cycle, you can also add other aspects of your experiences in your ‘diary’ or ‘calendar’ to gauge your overall menstruation flow for the month, and by extension, to better map out your experiences and alert you when you get your period the following month. 

Besides menstruation flow, some of the aspects you can track include your weight, sleep, water intake, sex drive, mood, symptoms such as cramps and headaches, and many others. 

Application to Monitor Menstruation – Download for Free

The Bottom Line

The Flo app certainly is one of the more comprehensive yet user-friendly offerings in the market today. With this, you can be in the know about pretty much everything – from your menstrual cycle to how much water and sleep you’re getting on the daily.