Application to Improve the Internet – How to Download for Free

During the pandemic, internet has been our best friend. The things you can do with the internet are limitless. At work, the internet comes in handy to send and download files, talk to clients and transfer data. Therefore, you need a fast internet otherwise a slow one can be frustrating.

People will advise you to either upgrade your router or keep your devices up to date. Some people will also advise you to upgrade to 5G network ,which is the fastest and latest. However, I am here to tell you that you can download an app to improve your internet speed. 

Read on to learn more about Net Optimizer, and learn how you can upgrade your internet speed with this app.

Application to Improve the Internet - How to Download for Free


What Is the Net Optimizer App?

It is a free app that will help you find and connect the fastest DNS server. It works based on your network and location. Net Optimizer improves your web surfing experience with faster response time. 

Also, it fixes lag and reduces latency or ping time on online games. Are you obsessed with online games? Then consider downloading Net Optimizer for a better gaming experience.

How it Works

You may have a high-speed internet connection yet have a slow browsing speed. If this is what you are experiencing, then your problem could be in the DNS. With the help of Net optimizer app, you are able to optimize your device’s DNS records. 

It will help you get fastest routes for your data packets when traveling the internet. However, it won’t boost your upload or download speed but can lead to a noticeable progress in web browsing time.

Your default DNS server affects the speed at which you connect to a website. Therefore, you need to choose the fastest server based on your location to increase your browsing speed. Net Optimizer is here to help you connect to the fastest DNS server with just a touch.

Sometimes you may experience slow hiccups as you try to use the internet. They could be caused by your provider’s DNS settings. Therefore downloading Net Optimizer will help you overcome these hiccups and improve your browsing experience.

Features of the App

It is able to manually scan all DNS servers to show you all the details you need. With one touch, you are able to find and join the fastest DNS server hence boosting your connection.

Works for both Wi-Fi and mobile data, and it supports various DNS Servers, such as Level3, Verisign, Google, Cloudfare, Comodo Secure, Smart Viper, Safe DNS, Open DNS, OpenNIC, Yandex DNS and PunCAT, among others. It automatically detects connection changes and optimizes the network.

How to Download It

Application to Improve the Internet - How to Download for Free


Net Optimizer is compatible with your android devices (android 16 and above). Go to the Google Play store and download it for free. If you don’t find it, search for it by typing “Net Optimizer” in the search bar. 

When the downloading process is done, install it and you are good to go. Learn more how to download and use the app here.


We have all been frustrated once in a while by slow internet speed. It can mean the difference between sealing a business deal or not. Also, if you are one obsessed with online games, you don’t want your game to hang or take forever to load. 

Consider the information that we have provided for you in this article if you feel you need an internet boost. To prevent these hiccups, download Net Optimizer app to increase your browsing experience. However, note that it doesn’t boost your upload or download speed.