Application to Improve Photo Quality – How to Download for Free on Mobile

Have you ever taken a photo of yourself and you don’t even recognize yourself. The final product looks so bad that you don’t want to believe it’s you. If your phone keeps taking such photos, you might have to borrow a friend’s phone that takes better pictures. 

This article is here to show you it’s not only about phones but editing apps too. Before you render your phone useless because it doesn’t take clear pictures, have you tried to use photo editing apps? They are so many and will turn any blurry picture crystal clear.

The Photoshop Express Photo Editor app (PsX) will help you enhance, stylize and share your photos with ease. It is easy to use and hence is used by millions of people. Read on to learn more about this application.

Application to Improve Photo Quality - How to Download for Free on Mobile
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Stylize, Enhance, and Share Photos

Tap into your creativity with this Photoshop Express app, which is used by millions of people. Take advantage of the easy-to-use digital studio loaded with editing features. 

It delivers a full spectrum of photo effects and editing features that are easy to use. Personalize your photos with picture collages, borders and text and enhance imagery and color. It enables you to share your edited pictures with friends and family.

Photo Effects and Filters

Amplify your photos with a new assortment of new blend effects. Use these effects to explore vibrance, color temperature and other color effects using an easy adjustment slider. 

Also, these effects are used to remove atmospheric fog for clearer, detail-rich scenery. Intensify your photo effects using Black and White, Nature, Portrait and Duo tone looks categories.

Borders and Text

Use them to customize memes, stickers and captions with your personal touches. You can also style your messages using a wide array of colors, fonts and opacity controls. 

Test your creativity using photo color matching borders or custom frames. Don’t forget to use zoom, pan and rotate settings to fine-tune text placement. You can also add watermarks by adding logos and custom text.

Photo Collages

This app enables you to create professional-quality compilations through adding ready-to-use photo grid layouts, colors and modifying borders. 

You can create ready-to-use backgrounds, layouts and gradients. Also, apply unique effects that match your style and highlight color themes using the pop-color tool.

Quick Fixes

You can automatically change contrast, exposure and more with just one- touch adjustments. Easily straighten, crop rotate to get an eye-catching layout and magically erase pet-eye and red-eye moments from your photos. With this app, you can emphasize your subject using simple vignettes.

The Transform tool helps you correct distorted camera angles. Also, you can remove noise from your creations by reducing color noise and smoothening out graininess or sharpen other details to get crystal clear photos. Blemish removal helps you erase spots and blemishes from your portraits and selfies.

Photo Import and Sharing

With PsX, you are able to upload images from various sources and formats, like TIFF and Raw. You can also post directly on various social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr, among others. 

Alternatively, you can decide to share your favorite moments on WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, email and Line. Add creativity and fun to your photos by creating and sharing memes, stickers and captions that match your personality. 

How to Download

Application to Improve Photo Quality - How to Download for Free on Mobile
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The Photoshop Express Photo Editor app is available for Android, iOS. You can download it on the Google Play store or the Apple App store and it is free with in-app purchases. 


Take your photo editing creativity to another level by using the Photoshop Express Photo Editor app. It has got tools that help you fix any issues you may have with your photos

You can remove blemishes, spots and blur from your photos hence creating a crystal clear selfie or portrait.