Application to Improve Android Camera – How to Download for Free

For most of us today, there is a camera built into our phone, so it’s critical to have apps in your library that let you get the most out of your mobile device. 

A Better Camera from Almalence, as the name may suggest, is an app that wishes to update to the stock camera software on your Android device. 

Although most of the camera apps allow users to take a decent photo, A Better Camera comes full of features to really extend out what your camera is capable of. Read on to learn how you can download this app for free.

Application to Improve Android Camera - How to Download for Free


A Better Camera: App Overview

A Better Camera is an Android application that tries to mimic a DSLR-like experience by offering you a lot of controls and choices. It’s for Android 4.3 and up if you want all the apps, and it’s got a lot of apps. It’s actually free in the Google Play Store with app purchases. 

The app functions pretty much like every other camera app. You can point and shoot as normal, and you can choose a variety of settings, such as multi-shot, panorama, ISO, and white balance. 

This also comes with HDR for both images and videos. Many of these advanced features on Android 4.3 apps, but items like HDR video capture are for Android 4.3 and up.

There are a variety of motions and swipes you can do to gain access to the settings to move them out of the way for clearer images. All features seem to work well on most devices, although many people will be bottled by hardware on their devices.

A Better Camera Features

You can also tinker with settings such as ISO, brightness, focus, white balance, and flash when showing all sorts of maps, rates, and histograms on the computer. You can also change the conditions for saving and sharing files.

In A Better Camera, you make it as straightforward as you want it to be. While the above feature may not appeal to the average consumer, there is no doubt that anyone with interest in photography will benefit from a few of those features. 

Since this bundles all of them into one app, you can easily replace your stock camera app with A Better Camera and make the most of the additional features when needed, and disable the features when you use it more lightly. 

A Better Camera does a decent job of illustrating each feature the first time you use it, making it a little easier for those who only dabble in mobile photography.

How to Download 

Application to Improve Android Camera - How to Download for Free
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Much of the A Better Camera feature set is available for free. The app doesn’t cost you anything to download, and you can start using a bunch of the features listed above right away. 

There are no obtrusive advertisements that are perfect, and if you want any of the more advanced features, you can access them through individual or collective in-app purchases. 


A Better Camera is not the quickest moving device, it can be slow to capture and save images at times, and navigating the interface is not the easiest. 

While this app does its best to demonstrate which option does what, there are so many icons that it can be hard to parse all the details, and it takes a tremendous amount of time to really get to grips with the app and all its features. 

For those well versed in the photographer’s lingo, it may be less of an obstacle, but you’re still going to have to spend some time exploring the software to find out all its capabilities.