Application to Help Decorate Home – Learn How to Download

We love watching home decorating shows to get inspiration from other people’s stylish abodes. Now it has become simple to style your own home with the help of home decor apps. Modernization and the digital world has made things very easy for folks who don’t have a clue as to how to put home decor together.

Today, it is possible to shop home decor stuff yourself, or even look for an interior designer to help you redo your home. You can even get someone to talk you through the process, and give you various tips on how you can re-do your entire home.

One can also get professional quality tips, information and advice through some free apps too. There are plenty of apps that critically evaluate your home and give you tips on how best to decorate it. Read on to know more in detail.

Application to Help Decorate Home - Learn How to Download
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How these Apps can Help

From choosing the right wall colors, to selecting suitable furniture that can work in your space, decorating apps can do a lot for you. They are the perfect guides when it comes to decorating your house.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your house is. If you want it to look beautiful, these apps can help you immensely. The apps can also simply direct you to basic ideas that you can use to alter the way your home looks.

In this review, we showcase one of these apps – Houzz. This is a useful and popular home decorating app that has garnered much praise in the media.

Houzz – For Home Remodel and Design

This is a free app that you can download on your phone. The reason why it is extremely popular and loved is that it features over 20 million high-resolution photos of exteriors and home interiors for you to choose from.

You can save the photos and even share them with friends and family, so you can make a decision together. If you also have a professional decorator, these images can come quite handy when trying to explain your ideas.

Features of the App

Sketch Pad

The app has a sketch pad that allows you to annotate what you visualize by drawing it directly into the app. This is perfect as it gives you ideas of how everything will look like once it’s done. They have plenty of stuff on the app for you to add on the photos as well.

Find Products, View and Buy them

You will get access to more than 10 million materials and products such as cabinets, furniture, lighting, tiles, etc, which are ideal for both exterior, as well as interior designs. Once you find what you are looking for, you can proceed to buy them and have them delivered to your home.

These products come with product reviews, which means that you are able to read what others have said about them before committing to a purchase. This makes it easy for you to only buy verified purchases.

Find and Hire Professionals

If you have been looking for a professional to hire for your home improvement project, you will find many of them on this app. These include general contractors, architects, repair professionals, interior decorators, and more.

Resource Center

There is a resource center within the app that features various articles from design experts and the app’s editorial staff. You can check out their biweekly newsletter for informative articles that are engaging as well.

Their bathroom and full kitchen remodeling guides as well as decorating tricks will give you plenty of ideas. Additionally, they feature some great videos for you to watch as you plan your next remodeling.

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Today, apps are helping people do things they could not afford to do earlier. Houzz was named the best app for home improvement by The New York Times.

It was also named the single best source for home improvement by CNN, making it the ideal choice for anything to do with home decor!