Application to Download Lives and Stories on Instagram – Learn How to Download and Use

Instagram stories and Instagram lives are taking over the world of social media. The usage of these tools on Instagram is starting to bypass similar tools on social media giants like Facebook. Insta currently has more than 1 billion users per month.

Their photo-sharing platform is the hottest space for budding content creators, photographers and entrepreneurs. So, if you are looking for ideas on how to inspire people then this is your go-to place. One of the easiest ways to reach a worldwide audience of followers is through Instagram live videos. 

Going Instagram live is very quick, and allows you to do what you want in real time. Most people do this when they are talking about a new product, or they just want to connect with their followers. However, the only problem with Instagram live, is that you cannot save the videos that you have created.

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The Instagram Live Problem

The live videos you broadcast on Instagram disappear as soon as you are done with the broadcast, whereas other platforms allow you to save them. These live videos are important in case you wish to share them with you fans who may not have been present during the live recording.

It is therefore good to note that there are actually apps that can help you save these Instagram videos and even Instagram stories if you want. They help you keep these videos so you can be able to share them again later with your followers.

In this review we talk about the in Grabber app.

What is ‘in Grabber’

If you have been getting frustrated by the fact that you cannot save and share your Instagram live videos, then in Grabber is the best option out there. It allows you to save the videos, Insta stories and even photos from Instagram.

When you log in, it will instantly download the videos and images which are then saved on your phone. Later on, you will be able to repost these on Instagram or even share them on Twitter and Facebook, which keeps your followers well informed.

Here’s How You Can Use It

Start By Signing Into Your Instagram Account

You can also log in using Facebook. Then in just 3 steps, you will be able to download Instagram stories. Save these on your device and then later repost when you want to do so. Additionally, you can delete the stories, explore and even share them on other social media platforms. The best part is that it is absolutely free.

Save Videos and Photos

We have mentioned this already. Isn’t it great when you can save a video and photo you like? Well, this app allows you to do exactly that.

Save IGTV On Users Profiles 

You can save Instagram live videos and then send them to your ardent fans, in case they missed it. Please ensure you have got their permission before doing this, as it may be unaccepted by the terms of Instagram.

Search For Users

With the app, you can search for users who would be interested in the content you are offering. The best thing about providing content is ensuring that it is reaching the right people. When you reach them, then you pass on your message.

Repost the Photos

Yes. Reposting is possible with the app. If you have been seeing people reposting and wondering how they do it, this is one of the apps they use to do it and you can too. 

Watch Any Video

This is the best part. Since you have all the videos saved, then it means that you can watch them whenever you want.

Share On Other Apps

Once you have saved the live Instagram videos, then you are able to share them on other social media apps, so everyone who is interested in the content can check it out.

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Technology keeps changing, and it is good to change with it. A few years ago everyone was talking about Facebook, but the platform is becoming old news. In fact you are not going to find many young people on Facebook, they prefer other apps.

With this app, you will be able to navigate the Instagram world well, and give your followers the content they want.