Application to Buy and Sell Children’s Clothes – Learn How to Use

Kidizen is a platform for shopping, selling, and sharing kids’ style built by moms and created for families everywhere. They take inspiration from children who remind them to do their part and make a better world every single day.

It has a three-part objective. It serves as a marketplace that provides a storefront for moms to independently create and run, earn money and find the latest styles for their kids. It works as a community that connects moms with other moms through shared experiences and a shared sense of style. 

Lastly, as a platform that provides a safe venue where moms can express themselves and go through the joys and challenges of motherhood together. Let’s look at how to use this application. First, you need to download the application which is only available on the app store.

Application to Buy and Sell Children's Clothes - Learn How to Use

Selling on Kidizen

You typically take your photos ahead of time so that they are all on a consistent background and edited a bit, but the app gives you the option of taking a photo right then and there when you’re creating your seller’s list.

The Step By Step Process

After providing pictures, create an eye-catching title using relevant keywords. Then select the category, gender, size, brand & the condition of your child’s clothes. 

Be truthful here if there are stains/tears/extra wear. Make sure to add your description. Next, list any imperfections, where they are located and add in measurements.

Lastly, think of any questions a potential buyer might have and try to answer those in your description. List how it has been washed, (example, washed only on cold and laid flat or hung to dry). 

Now add hashtags into the comments section for more traction. You can hashtag the brand name, the season, the style, etc. Select shipping and select your price.

Buying on Kidizen

First, start by tapping on SHOP at the bottom navigation bar. You have 2 ways to narrow down for items you are looking for, as well as a sort. You will notice in the upper left-hand corner a small magnifying glass. This is your search. 

You can use this to search for keywords as it will pick up the word if it is in the listings title or description. You can also use this keyword search when you are looking for brands that are not listed on the brand list yet.

You can use your PayPal balance on Kidizen by connecting your PayPal account. To do so, go to Settings > Manage Payment Methods. Anytime you use your PayPal account on Kidizen it will always pull from your PayPal balance (if you have one) first.

Once you buy or like certain shops on the app, you can go into the shops’ profile and tap on the heart icon. You will receive up to one in-app notification a day telling you how many new items your favourite shops have listed. You can turn off this notification in your settings if you wish.

Application to Buy and Sell Children's Clothes - Learn How to Use


Kidizen provides both buyer and seller protection. For example; for both parties, they provide shipping guarantee: (right to request a refund if the order didn’t ship after 7 days), order satisfaction: refunds issued if the item received is not as described, dispute mediation: if buyer and seller are not able to agree upon a solution and fraud protection.

It is advisable to look at the reviews section when dealing with a particular buyer and seller. Informed decisions backed with seamless navigation makes Kidizen an ideal marketplace for parents and visitors alike.